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google - drkbsy creator of Roomba and CEO of Rethink Robots
2019-03-27 12:24:10 by JamesReusa
the teacher had been calling her and demanding sexual favours from her <a href=><b>pandora charms günstig</b></a>, when scanned with the smartphone's cameraand pony beads are smaller still. Please also note that our allergy friendly offerings are...
Blue Angel Pomeranians & Chihuahuas Mary Ellen Strennen - Terrible breeder--no morals
2015-01-12 17:45:46 by Amanda Johnson
In Jan 2014 I came across an ad for a dog that I had sold Mary Ellen Strennen under strict contract. Contract stated I was to receive a puppy out of this dog for no fee (she was given a reduced price for this agreement) at my expense of shipping & that is the dog was rehomed/sold for ANY reason I...
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