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2009-08-21 06:00:40 by Donna Z.
I first spoke with breeder about her puppies and a friend and I decided to go ahead with purchasing two breeding females. After sending in our deposits and signed contracts breeder became a difficult person to work with. Puppies were gaurunteed healthy, however upon picking them up (met her at her vet upon her request to have puppies examined by her vet to assure there were NO health issues) Puppies were diagnosed with Coccidia. One pup was very under weight and puney. Vet informed me that the puppy could very well die. Asked for money back and breeder refused. Two weeks after purchasing the pups I visited the web site and there was a couple pups now listed for sale that were not previously posted with the litter, ONE was mismarked! (A genetic Flaw) ONe that is not desirable in breeding . I am furious that this breeder intentionaly with held that information from me as I purchased a female for breeding and she knew that. She also explained to me before my purchase that mismarked dogs are not exceptable in the breed. She has refused to respond to any of my attempts to contact her. This breeder is deceitful and will lie. She will not be easy to deal with, I suggest looking for your pup else where.
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