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2010-04-04 07:12:11 by Bill Clutterbuck
There is a website on the internet that goes by the name- gives the details of the phone numbers and fake callers.Someone has posted my personal number over there on the website with a false and a rude comment.On getting to know this I have contacted the website to remove it.I waited for a few days without any response.

When I did not get any response,I searched on the whois domain id to see who the website belongs to.I got to know that it belongs to one called Julia Forte- and the Email Id listed there is is the CEO of the company.

I wrote her an email describing about the problem and requesting her to removing my phone number with the false comments.Initially she did not respond,but later on sending two reminders,she asked me to call her on her direct phone line at a specified time.On doing so,I was horrified to know on what she had to say.She asked me for a 1000 USD to be paid to her for her to remove my phone number from the website.This came in as a very serious shock and surprise to me.

This is serious extortion and use of the false information to steal away money from the people.I dont know why people do such unethical things and decided to divulge a little more into this characters background.On doing an internet check,I could find that this has been this so called CEO--Julia Fortes past.She has been involved in such dubious activities,has a couple of lawsuits running against her and the only way she makes some money.

There is also certain information about one Julia Forte in the same area being thrown out of her job for financial embezzlement,I am not sure if this is the same person,but going by the present things that she has been doing I have reason to believe it is the same person.
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