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2010-04-26 12:48:11 by hihohi

When I was 17 (I am now 21) I joined a talent agency (Oz castings) as an extra/ casting model. I was told to give $390 to a man, Thomas Jones to get photos done. It was all very hurried and looking back, very unprofessional. I did not hear from this "agency" again even when I would try and contact them (him). I tried to forget about it until recently, I went back on the website and I'm still featured in their extras section (along with more than a hundred other poor innocent girls I KNOW have been robbed by this money sucking creep). I simply wanted to be taken off the site, but all they say is; "we will look into" my profile, then they tried to bring me on the set of a feature film Thomas Jones is making (directing). I refused and again asked to be taken off the website to no avail or response. Might I also mention that this man Thomas Jones, is most definitely funding he's feature film with the money he is getting from adding these poor girls (and boys) to his "agency", so if he has for example 200 (it is actually a lot more) people in his agency then he would have 200 x $390= $78, 000, for doing absolutely NOTHING! I can't believe how unprofessional this "agency" is. Most agencies do not even ask for money for photos initially if they choose to represent you.

I haven't told anyone about this because i am embarrassed about being jibbed, therefore I don't know my rights. If there is any advice you can give me to tackle this problem it would be greatly appreciated! I can forward my correspondence with the agency if that would help to understand my problem more. Please help me

Here is he's website address:

If you are thinking of joining this agency I would stay well away.

Thank you so much for your time :)
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2010-12-01 01:03:52 by Thomas

No l am actually in Melbourne now and doing several films you idiot. lf you had a actual working brain it could be a dangerous proposition for you goose.

2010-12-01 01:08:04 by Thomas

Furthermore any talent cast in the film is listed and credited as per standard practise. Good luck with your time wasting and good day son!
2011-02-01 09:16:07 by Ben
I'm male I was 21 now 24, got of train in his melbourne town and got to his studio guy was a bullshit artist the photographer was nice but never got work off em and i payed $300 or something and felt like an idiot after seeing Oz Castings on ACA & Today Tonight :(
2011-02-27 06:36:41 by mystic
regardless too negative comments on Thomas , I personally have had no issues with him . when my daughter was onset she was treated very well , the couple of times my daughter and I where in his office he treated us fine.
Maybe some have too higher expectations , and as for the money most agencies charge per year not a one off payment.
I signed my daughter to another agency also i wont give names, but it has done some well known shows and films I have not heard from them again its been 3 years, so I removed her from there listings.
As for today tonight the media twist stories too keep the viewer interested and if you listened to what they where saying complaining about thomas I actually laughed watching it as they where so desperate for there 5 minutes of fame sad to be that insecure.

2011-08-16 23:55:00 by Si
I have also had a similar experience with this creepy man, I work for Dept. of Justice and am going to check in with what we can all do. I am so angry and also work very hard, when I went to see Thomas I had just recovered from Glandular Fever and didn't really have $400 to fork out. I just let it go when I didn't hear from him but I called and emailed today in order to at least get a receipt to claim on my tax and found the email bounced back, the website is now in an Asian language and from what I've read when I called he pretended to be someone else.

I work in welfare and this kind of thing really saddens me.
I am sorry for all of his victims and cannot understand what kind of person could behave in such a way.
2011-09-06 04:24:18 by samantha
Thomas David BEGLEY cancelled his ABN 94 143 842 650 on 23 Sept 2010 . This is the same ABN as for Thomas Jones of OZ Castings Management - Oz Castings Check it out at

Watch out for his resurrection under another name. He scammed me in 2008. Report him to the consumer scammer authorities ...this thief must be stopped.
2017-05-16 04:41:15 by Heloise
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