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2011-06-09 09:38:27 by Moe Yasar
This Company Will Take All Your Docs,Then Take Upfront Fee & Then Not Response To Any Of Your Calls Or E-mails .They F......Rip Off
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2011-08-11 20:38:32 by Thieving Bastards
Here is some more contact details, don't be fooled by their excuses... they know what they have done, they know they are trading illegally... you need to do a chargeback plain and simple. I guarantee that their acquiring bank has no idea they are accepting payments for loans with a property management's merchant account.

Here is some more information to help... please post anything else you can find...

DAWS & ASSOCIATES LIMITED (brother of Vikram Daws)
Albany House, 14 Shute End, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 1BJ
T: 0118 9740187 E:

59 Union Street, Dunstable, Beds, LU6 10X

LIZA HUBAND (Sales Manager of Goldmarque Solutions)
VIKRAM DAWS (Director of Goldmarque Solutions)
Devnan Daws
2011-08-14 13:17:26 by Vikram is the admin guy??? No.. he owns the company
Event Details

Licence Details:
Licence/Application Number Licence Status Applicant/Holder Name
0636389 Current Goldmarque Solutions Ltd

Event Details:
Event Number Event Type Date of Receipt Closed Date Status
1 New Licence App 05-May-2010 20-May-2010 Completed

Licence Event Details:
Role Name
LICENSEE Goldmarque Solutions Ltd
Officer Vikram Daws

Address Type Address

The Chambers
5 Whittle Court
Milton Keynes

Principal Place Of Business

The Chambers
5 Whittle Court
Milton Keynes

Registered Office

59 Union Street
United Kingdom


Consumer credit
Credit brokerage
Provision of credit information services, excluding credit repair
2011-08-17 10:11:18 by D Service
I have recently tried to charge back this fee - after they ignored my request to cancel the payment, once I realised they had mis-represented themselves and what the fee was for.

I've now been advised by my bank (Barclays) that tthey cannot stop/refund a payment made to another financial institution! Even though I have had the payment taken under mis-representation

I intend to follow this up with a complaint to the FSA and FSO - not that I expect to get anywhere, but to warn others - stay away

Don't forget the money is taken by Goldmarque - who have another telephone number of 01908538027
2011-08-18 13:02:17 by Thieving Bastards
@ D Service...

Don't bother with the FSA, they don't need to be FSA registered, they do need to have a consumer credit license, which your local Trading Standards can and will investigate. They have the power to pull their license or impose restrictions on it... but only if you reach out to them.

Action Fraud also is getting bombarded with complaints on a daily basis about these crooks. Action Fraud was the "Fraud Squad" which they dressed up as a softer persona of "Action Fraud" which I think is lame, non the less their teeth still bite hard, and they need your experience so please call them! 0300 123 2040

With a little persistence we can help Mr Vikram Daws get a nice 8 to 10 stretch at Her Majesty's pleasure.
2011-08-19 18:47:51 by Chilli Bread
Anyone else spoke to a person other than Mr Vik Daws, the post above mentions 3 names, i rung the goldmarque number on here and spoke to a lady, but i forgot to get her name, she said she would ring me back regarding chargeback, but never did...
2011-09-07 05:50:34 by Raynoch
God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to firgue this out.
2011-09-08 04:22:38 by Laquisha
Gee whiz, and I thoguht this would be hard to find out.
2011-09-08 11:18:13 by hxmwjqnkiqt
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2011-09-08 11:44:03 by Cyelii
That's going to make things a lot esaeir from here on out.
2011-09-10 05:24:41 by snrziiukxc
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2011-09-12 05:54:38 by gbhpglk
TceXV0 , [url=]tokzohguzgob[/url], [link=]yxyjdrvenjjp[/link],
2013-12-13 10:43:48 by michelle
i had 69.00 taken from my account from these and sent documents ect over and nothing back from them. do not make any contact with them at all


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