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WWICS - Immigration consultant - Cheating and Negligence

2009-10-05 09:33:14 by Rajeev Sharma
Dear Sir,


I am forwarding the details of latest communication with WWICS. After a long wait of 5 years we people are suffering due to the poor services rendered by WWICS. No one in WWICS is concerned for active service delivery. Even many a times we have contacted their owner, but no one cares. We are very sorry to say that at this point of time we are repenting for our decision taken to hire WWICS for Canada Immigration. Still we have not got a proper reply from WWICS and waiting for a suitable answer. We are mail you the details of our Grievances to you. May be we get our hard earned money back, if possible please help us in resolving our case.


Rajeev Sharma

Subject: RE: Regarding WWICS # 22558, CHC File # B045988272
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 23:42:22 +0530

Dear All,

Please update us the status of our case file no 22558. You are requested to process the things on priority basis. All of us are losing confidence in you.


Rajeev Sharma


Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 15:32:01 +0530
Subject: Fwd: Fw: Regarding WWICS # 22558, CHC File # B045988272

Dear Mr Rajeev,

With reference to your application for grant of permanent residency in Federal Canada, we regret to inform that the Honorable Canadian High Commission has rejected your application for non submission of documents. The rejection letter issued by the Honorable Canadian High Commission is enclosed herewith. It is to inform you that we have taken up the case with Canadian High Commission for reconsideration of this decision as our office never received any intimation/requirement letter for submission of the update documents. We will keep you informed about the progress as and when it occurs. We request you cooperate with us till the final decision is received from the High Commission. For any further clarifications, you are requested to get in touch with our Department at 0172-5097773-76 and our Branch Office.
Legal Dept

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From: Rajeev Sharma
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Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 12:42 AM
Subject: Regarding WWICS # 22558, CHC File # B045988272

Dear Col. Machhral and Others,

Good Morning! I am writing this mail in deep disappointment that WWICS is not at all fulfilling its obligations. For the last 3 years there is no correspondence related to my case CHC B045988272 (WWICS file No. 22558) happening from your side. For the last one year I was asking for the status of my case, as all those who had applied directly were getting call from CHC, but from your end no update is available all the time. When ever we make a call the same reply comes ie, we are waiting for CHC correspondence. I am unable to make out what benefit we are getting after filing our case through you. Only thing you have done till date is submitting our file at CHC, is there any justification charging approx. Rs. 90, 000 and rendering no services at all. On 2nd Feb. we checked e-cas on cic website, and we came to know that a decision has been taken. But when we called WWICS chandigarh office on 3rd Feb, we were shocked that our case has got refused and when we asked for reasons, nobody in the chandigarh office knows the reason- Atleast I must be told the reasons. On 22nd Dec. we visited WWICS Delhi office there Ms. Jasbir told us that we must file updated documents once again. Now the point is, if our case was refused in December first week than why you hide this crucial information? we visited CHC on 3rd Feb there they told us that CHC has sent a letter of rejection in the first week of December stating the reasons and also an E-mail in the last week of January to Chandigarh office.
Kindly, forward the Letter and E-mail received from CHC to us so that necessary action can be taken. Also let us know at the earliest what action you have taken at your end in relation to our case.


Rajeev Sharma
WWICS file # 22558
Flat # 420, Gaurs Residency, Chandra Nagar, Ghaziabad-201011
Mobile :- 9313264716
Landline:- 0120-4564198, 011-65158536
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2009-10-05 09:34:12 by Dipesh
Well, i am surprised i applied through wwics-Uganda Branch. submitted documents on 21st January 2008-paid all necessory fees prior to that in between dec-07 to jan-08. Due to miss management of local branch staff my documents overstayed with in Uganda after having log time push to them finally file has been courried to CHC-kenya on 11th june 2008. ...Till today no confirmation avilable or no solid evidence in my hand ... also tried to write to CHC but no return.
Any guideline is available will apriciate it...
2009-10-05 09:34:51 by Hardarshan Singh
Dear Sir, i have read the complaint against wwics and it is absolutely true because i m also the victim of the the year 2001 i had applied for immigration to Canada through wwics BATALA BRANCH and at that time company assured me for immigration and then i gave them 30, 000 as company fee and 35, 000 as Canadian embassy fee then your company head of Batala branch assured me that the company will received the balance amount at the time of interview but instead of his assurance one month later after filling my case demanded more money but i refuse to pay him more money and one day i received a letter from company that their batala branch has been closed and my case has been transferred to Amritsar .and after filling my case company refused to issue me a file no on account of fee dues and company become invisible.And one day day i received a letter from Canadian embassy that your representative is not registered with canadian society and embassy demanded some documents which i was sent to them but embassy rejected my case on account of less was terrible for me because i suffered a great loss due to the conduct of the wwics.
2009-10-05 09:36:06 by Aby Abraham

I happened to visit this site while I was searching about WWICS as I received a call from them. I feel there are lot of complaints against them in other websites too.

I would like to know, doesn't the law in our country can ban such organizations ? Why the ministry of external affairs is also not taking action against such organizations.

Aby Abraham
2009-10-05 09:36:40 by Sheela Kannan
First of all thanks for all those who has written such comments, otherwise it would not have been possible for me to know the reality regarding WWICS.
I too recieved a call from them and were about to respond but I thought that before responding I need to go through the company's profile. Later after visiting this complaints and negligence site relating to WWICS I came to know the real facts about WWICS.

So guys dont u ever come under such Traps, this is a humble request to u all.
2009-10-05 09:37:06 by Kuldip Kaur
Are you listening WWICS ? Well, I think you do not. I am very much disappointed with the services that WWICS provided, particulary when, I left my country.

My file no is 27100 and after the wait of 4 long years, suddenly I heard that my case is rejected? What happened, why it happened? no answers at all.

I can not think what I should do now.
2009-10-05 09:37:32 by Navita Grewal
hi to all those who actually cared to post these comments online...
well with me is that i had gone to their delhi branch fro seekin counsellin fro work visa in canada...
so now taht i know of all thsi wil be ultra careful this time..
thanks u all.. regards
2009-10-05 09:38:34 by Harmeet Kohli
I had started for Australia immigration in 2006 from Pune branch and was properly guided by Guys. I had seen various cases what you may know like delay in getting Visa or rejection. But guys does WWICS issues you Visa no its the respective High Commisions and If you practically think then you can see on the government websites it self that how that numbers of Cases filed increases or how they changed their rules. it Certainly happens my uncled had applied for Australia PR visa with WWICS in August 2007 and he didnt received his Visa it was due to removal of Pathway -D . does this means that WWICS was responsible No. The high commisions Doesnt Consult WWICS before changing rules . I do have faced problems like not getting proper reply or need to give more follow-up to them instead they to us But it happens its a service industry guys. There is mistake form the consultant but not always and never 100%
2009-10-05 09:40:03 by Rahul
2009-10-05 09:40:26 by Amit
Don't use a consultant, file your case yourself.. you'll be saving a lot of money and a lot of running around. I am stuck with WWICS paying them for doing nothing. I had to do all the running around and follow ups. Forget consultants, all of them are idiots especially WWICS.
2009-10-05 09:41:35 by Ashish Takkar
yes am fully agree with upper statement. They never pay any attention towards customer.I have suffered alot bcoz of them .They have spoiled my carrier.It is the biggest cheating company of punjab.So according to me we should not give our case for any country to them.
2009-10-05 09:42:06 by Mufeez-ur-rahman
Dear Sir,
I have gone through the comments. I am also one among the bearers.The comments and rag of the clients are nowhere wrong. Here I think that the organization is badly failing to get the honest employees. Still nothing is lost. The clints like me who are complaining they should be given back their hard cash back instantly and a clearification notice of the same should be published on net.
It is an earnest request that I (Mufeez-ur-Rahman) should not be forgotten. I too am in urgent need of my money.

2009-10-05 09:42:31 by Ghanshyamsinh Zala
Dear All,

WWICS is Cheater, I have submitted all document Two times at wwics Ahmedabad Branch,
All the document they have lost, they asking for submitting documing again, I think this is their policy to make busy client in document submitting,
I thing they are not a Foreign PR / Student agent, They are cheater and they are interested in only first installment 30, 000 - that amount is enough for them, they are like "ASHOK JADEJA THE BEGGEST CHEATER "

Their staff is not professional, they are never answering mail, they are not believe in mail communication,

Pleaes use Mobile recording, which I had done, Now i am going to lodge a cheter case agaist wwics

within week

With regards
0091 9898188885
2009-10-05 09:42:57 by Kanwaljeet Singh
Let us create a group of the people who have been cheated by WWICS and take up the matter with the Indian embassy and Govt of India. In fact by just typing some words will not help our course at all. Let us join hands to start a compaign against WWICS so that our Indian brothers do not get fooled by them.
2009-10-05 09:43:25 by Samir Mahajan
Hi Everybody..!!

Well said, ministry of external affair is just a mute spectator over the cases of aggrieved aspirants who want to migrate canada.

WWICS, a blood sucker of many average & below average families, is into the business of trapping their wards after showing a rosy picture at very first instance.

I was about to fall under their trap but thanks to my friend, Capt.Amit, who advised me to beware of their false stories, later who accompnied me and punched the WWICS' statements with its strong logics and inquiries.

Hats off to Amit...after all diamond cuts diamond...

Friends be a little bit diligent and you will be able to file their papers without any help of agents..its very simple process provided some one possess genuine documents and true to it self and fulfill all the conditions desired by high commission

I must say WWICS is just a bunch of crooks, lets join hands and expose their dirty games to the society since some govt officials are also pimp of them and would be of no use if we initiate complaint in their departments.

Now, though, i have left the idea to migrate to any part of the world due to my own reasons and well settled in News channel yet i'm very much concerend about the aspirants who wish to immigrate to abroad.

Be cautious, use your common sense, take a piece of advice from friends, peer group and relatives ...its your steps which will impact you...then why to blame anybody ????

Good Luck..!!

Best Regards,
Samir Mahajan
2009-10-05 09:43:56 by Sippy
I dnt no much about wwics but guys i am staying and working bahrain
i applied recently here in Exhibition road Branch, i paid 360 BD = 45, 000 INR and
submitted 550 CD Damand Draft.. 2 days before... I think from gulf it may eazy...
they gave me time 6 - 12 months... it will take... i enrolled for IELTS also here in BC
one of my friend rfrd me this representative...
did anyone applied from gulf for canada immigration
2010-01-29 16:30:19 by Jay
Hi Sippy,
Iam recently working here in bahrain and planning to apply with wwics, I just want to ask about there services if it's worthy or wasting of time only?
Your feedback is highly appreciated...

2010-03-05 18:05:27 by kulbinder rai roshni kaur
Hi I used the branch in punjab and was cheated. Who is the manager of the branches there. Nobody will tell me his name. I want my money back
2010-03-06 09:47:49 by kulbinder rai roshni kaur
Thanks Guys

Can anyone tell me why one of the senior managers, I think his first name is Rahul, was recently dismissed? Why is this?
2010-03-06 09:56:40 by Kulbinder rai roshni kaur
i think he worked in the amritsar office, and the chandigarh and ludihana ones also. we sshould understand what people we are dealing with
2010-03-15 11:30:19 by Neison
Dear Readers,
Let me make that clear that actually for an immigration we need not approach an agency, they all are equally Frauds to certain extend, I wanna remind you that any Business oriented person will think a bit crooked, But I should say that WWICS is not simply crooked, they are Real KILLERS, they kill their clients after they take away the expected amount of money. I had almost payed these wolves a huge amount of Rs.1.5 Lakhs and they did ZERO worth service to me.
It was in 2004 Aug I had applied and after this many long years today its 2010, and they still have one fine reply....which will be repeated even if u ask these IDIOTS a 100time.
I have read a 1000s of complaints against this STUPIC consultancy, actually I welcome all the clients who had a bad experience to unite together and act soon.
Any one who wanna join me pls write to , and together we can fight or teach a lesson to these rotten Rascals.
Any one who Reads this mail..Think twice when u approach an agency or Agent or any one in relation to immigration.
Join with me to give these Bitches a Great HIT.


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