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2009-08-17 07:56:30 by Blue
I am a senior sales executive and I used to revise my resume, noting that it was an "immediate need." I received the worst service that I have ever had. The one person working on resumes was completely unprofessional. He revised my resume in 2 days without even talking to me to ask what it is that I wanted changed. When I sent him corrections, I waited another 2 days before contacting him again since I hadn't heard anything. When I spoke to him, he proceeded to lecture me on why the revision he made was perfect and that the changes I wanted made were nonsensical. He was argumentative and would not listen to a word I said. When I asked him if I could work with anyone else, he said there was no one else available at the moment and then said he didn't know if anyone else would be available the next business day either. After politely trying to explain why I wanted the changes made, he adamantly stated that his revision did not need to be changed and that he's not in the business of making changes to make the customer happy, despite his “100% customer satisfaction” guarantee. I asked for my money back and he said "this isn't Wal-mart, you can't get your money back." I would never use this service nor would I recommend it to anyone. It was a complete waste of money.
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