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2014-01-17 13:10:33 by Amit
Fraud WWICS Immigration Company

WWICS fraud stories can be evidently seen in the form of reviews and complaints posted by various people on different online portals. The people have shared their personal experiences about how Fraud WWICS organization made them false promises and then later did not deliver output as promised. Some people seem to have been so much harassed by the WWICS fraudulent immigration procedures that they wish that WWICS fraud business ceases to exist.

I can totally understand their pain because I am also one of the unfortunate victims of the fraudulent WWICS immigration procedures. I contacted WWICS regarding my PR work and they promised that they will get my PR approved. However, once they received payment in full from me, they started showing their true colours. WWICS delayed my file submission by 7 months, made me wait for 10 long years and at the end I got the news that my PR approval can no longer be done due to policy changes. I was heartbroken and shattered. My whole 10 years of precious time were wasted and I got nothing but stress and frustration in return for my trust in this fraud WWICS company.

I am sharing my experience here because I want other people to be aware of this fraud and scam company. And I urge other people like me who have been a victim of WWICS fraud to come forward and share their experience for the benefit of others.
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