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FLM Loans - £3000

2011-02-09 09:36:53 by HENRY NIKOI KOTEY



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2013-08-15 00:09:22 by Abo
Go to a credit union or small bank.Don't go to big banks they are not lninedg as much unless you have top credit.A credit union will give you the best interest rate.Mine is offering 2.99%Don't worry about inquiries to your credit score.All similar inquiries done withing a 6 week window are lumped as one on your reports(you won't see this its just what the score system does).This is to allow you to shop around for a good loan.Credit cards are different keep that in mind not lumped together as one just installment loans.An inquiriy only dings your credit by 1 or 2 points.5 points at MOST if you have really bad credit.So don't every worry about inquiries.Plus they only affect your score for one year even though they show up for 2 years.Do NOT tell a dealership how much you were approved for.You will lose haggling power to negotiate a good selling price.It is none of his business.Choose a car make a low offer on it and haggle, haggle, haggle.Again do not tell them how much you can afford !!!!You can lie and choose a $15,000 car and say you only want to spend $12,000 on this car.You can walk away they will call you that night or the next day.They always do.Try to buy a car towards the end of the month.This month the new models are coming out great time to buy last year's model at practically nothing.A credit union will look at your credit reports not your score./
2013-08-23 07:40:33 by Zerda
I am so grateful I read your post! It<a href=""> alulacty</a> made me see where I am at now. I changed countries; and I never thought I am going through a culture shock up until I read your post! Every time I step into the street I know I look different and they all think I'm a tourist, although I speak the same language (with a different dialect, of course). And every day I bore my husband with stories from my homeland, from my previous life (which I didn't really think was that great up until I started living here and after the excitement wore off!).Every time I want to do something, I have to consciously think of what could be the most appropriate thing to do so I won't attract unwanted attention. Yesterday I realized that women pay cab drivers a certain way, I happened to look this time when a woman was stepping down from the cab I was about to take and this explained why those cab drivers, who never seemed too respectful, treated me the way they did I didn't go by the known social code, and therefore they thought I was easy target!Thank you so very much for writing this. Whatever/whoever made you write this post had helping me in mind, and I am positive about that! because they made you think about garlic, and made me write about it!!!
2013-08-25 09:54:37 by Kalyx
Happy Birthday. Just always reemmber it is easier to get credit with no credit, like now, then if you jack up your credit and have bad credit. Until you have accounts reporting you may not have a score and I see that regularly when people pull their credit reports. There are several factors that make up your credit score and Fair Isaacs Corp which came up with the FICO score is the most widely used scoring system. I'll put a link below instead of rewriting it all out. [url=]imjdfw[/url] [link=]zdpzpawifpo[/link]
2013-08-27 02:25:29 by Moustapha
The best way to raise your score is to borrow money and make<a href=""> pmnteyas</a> on time. The only way to keep a high score is to keep borrowing money and to keep making<a href=""> pmnteyas</a> on time.It brings you nothing but debt.Your score is base solely on debt.How much debt you have.How long you have been in debt.How often you make<a href=""> pmnteyas</a> on debt.What kind of debt you have.It's a I LOVE DEBT SCORE.Pay as you go. Live on less money than you make and you will have money.OF course the bankers and loyal followers are gonna tell you different.Debt free is the way to be!You don't get a high credit score just by having a credit card. You have to use it. once you use it your in debt until you pay the bill. If something happens and you forget to pay the bill on time or just don't have the money. You now have a Late fee of $40 and the interest. Plus, one late payment and they can raise your interest rate.You can get a home without a fico score. It's called manual underwriting. It's not a sub prime loan its the way it was done before all the fico score worship. You can get the lowest interest rates available.
2013-09-03 17:09:11 by Leonardo
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