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2010-03-25 20:34:04 by Sara Avila
While on the phone with PG&E switching electric service to my new house, I was connected to Allconnect service to help switch other utilities. I had originally scheduled Comcast to come out and start internet on the day of our move. AT&T had a better deal and faster speeds. I was very clear with the service rep that I needed my internet connection up fast and couldn't wait a week for service to start. He told me the following:

a) I would have internet service within 48 hours of my phone call
b) I would received the AT&T modem within 48 hours of my phone call

Since AT&T didn't charge an install fee ($50 for Comcast), the same speed internet was $20/mo cheaper, and I could purchase the modem (instead of renting it for $5 from Comcast), I agreed to sign up for AT&T. After asking the rep again to reaffirm that I would have internet service within 48 hours, which he promised I would, I gave him the information he needed to sign me up.

When I finished my call with him, I called Comcast to cancel my internet install for the following day. Thirty minutes later, I received a confirmation email from Allconnect which stated that my service installation would be the *following* Friday, a whole week after it had been promised to me.

I called the Allconnect customer service line and was told that the 48 hours was *only* the amount of time Allconnect had to send me a confirmation of my order and that it was AT&T's call as to when the service was installed. In addition, she informed me that I wouldn't even received the modem for 5 business days. When I explained to her that the previous rep had promised me both service and a modem in 48 hours, she again stated that the 48 hours was only for receipt of a confirmation. The woman told me I was out of luck and on my own. Her only suggestion was to call AT&T directly (which was already closed for the day).

Now, it's looking like I'll be without internet for more than a week. Not good as I work from home and conduct 95% of my business online.

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2010-04-06 16:42:38 by Bibi Uddin
Ms. Avila, we offer our sincere apologies for the poor customer experience with Allconnect. After researching your complaint, it was determined that one of our associates misinformed you about the connection date of your service, as well as the modem. Please note this was an error by an individual. Allconnect provides all of the necessary training and materials for our associates. This includes the mandatory information our associates should provide customers. The associate did not follow company policies and procedures. Corrective action has been taken regarding this associate.

We have attempted to contact you regarding this matter. Additionally, we sent you an email on 4/6/10. Once again Ms. Avila, we sincerely apologize for this error and the inconvenience caused.
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