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2010-07-26 11:46:42 by saminder dhaliwal
hi to immigrants

My name is SAM, i applied for PR visa to Australia thru WWICS , Very first day when i had a counseling session with their branch in Bahrain i was fully convinced and their GPS program was very helpful . they helped me in getting my accomodation in Canada and within in 26 days i got aJob as Chef in reputed hotel in toronto .
I recommend the aspirants to join the WWICS
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2010-09-23 10:34:27 by Xavier
WWICS - Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services.

Dear Friend,
I totally disagree with you. You may be luckiest of having visa or may be a local staff of WWICS doing practical cheating. I would like to call WWICS as Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services because I had very painful experience with them.
2015-12-11 08:13:30 by Nevenka
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2015-12-11 14:30:06 by Santosh
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2015-12-13 07:33:42 by Ana
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2015-12-15 09:44:35 by Harwinder
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