CanCun Clinic Ocean Dental Hotel zone Complaints

CanCun Clinic Ocean Dental Hotel zone - Bad Dentist

2012-05-12 07:01:39 by Anabell
This is the worth clinic ever! I have spent there like half of my day and there was so much pain while they were doing my Bridge. I not suggest you to go there for anything. You will loose your time, money and health. You will not save there what so ever. Especially big “thanks” for Dr. Irma Gavaldon. Not bad person, but not that professional as they are saying about thir work. I would even say that this is one of the clinics I will never go again. Thanks for you time reading. I just have shared my opinion. Bye.
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2013-08-14 15:42:49 by Guillermo
I love that your staff takes the time to talk with me about progress, frnttrasious and options. They are always so nice and don't make me feel rushed and on that the answer to my questions are not rehearsed on something they have to repeat 10 times a day. You have the best staff!
2013-08-23 06:44:44 by Duduzile
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2013-08-25 08:59:16 by Luiza
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2013-08-27 01:39:23 by Seiko
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2013-09-02 23:44:21 by Surbhit
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