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2009-08-24 01:13:32 by Scott Wood
I was in the process of buying a new home and after talking to consumers energy to have the power switched to my name, they asked me if I would like the call to be directed to Allconnect for additional packages. When the call was transferred a man told me that charter was available in the area and was very persistent on activating an account before the end of the conversation. Luckily I insisted that he wait until after I was living at the new residence. After finally moving into the residence I contacted Allconect again and they then said that charter was not available but that they could set up an account for AT&T DSL that was available in the area. Shortly after I received an automated call from Allconect stating that there was a problem with my order and to call Allconect back. When I returned the call they said that AT&T DSL is not available either. This being after they set dates to set up my phone and internet at the residence. I then told them that I want them to cancel all accounts they activated for me and that I should have just contacted the companies directly. This is when the service rep. said that they can not cancel the accounts and that I would have to contact AT&T myself. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she then told me that all supervisors was busy and that I would be on hold for at least an hour............More and more I find that business here is at a great decline I even tried to go to the website to make a complaint and I find no links to do such.

My suggestion to anyone considering to use this company is to avoid at all cost. I see no good reason why Allconnect should exist. The service is poor and there is no accountability for any mistakes they make.
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