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Mityon Pattaya Honda - Bad service

2016-08-14 00:52:28 by Mark Moran
Dear People,

I would like to advise motorcycle riders who love there bikes to be aware of the standards of service and qualification of Mityon Pattaya Honda.

I had a accident on a PCX 150. Not a huge accident although replaced the front forks and all front plastic fairings and headlight assembly. The complete front of the bike was off yes. Revealing all brackets and mounts. I spent 20,000 Thai baht in spare parts all new. Lets begin lol.

Firstly the kid was around 20 years old a baby. Secondly I told them about front end alignment. They were confused and had no idea what I was saying. I wanted to stray and make sure but had other stuff to do. Its HONDA right you trust them yes :) International company. I came back he was having problems tight parts as was new bike fair enough. I left and came back it was together and I was in a rush. He said OK. I said ok I test it and see how it is. At first ride on uneven road seemed ok. But once on flat ground I noticed the slight turn to the left of the handlebars. Ok ok I know he did not do the wheel alignment process there Asian right. They just bolt it all together and hope for the best. No training through Honda or schooling. Honda simply do not care obviously. Numbers game all Thais and there not smart. So Honda just simply work the majority.

I commenced wheel alignment as I used to race and did it in front of all there 20 year old staff laughing and talking Thai. I got the shock of my F life. he had tighten the pinch bolts on the fork legs that hard that he needed a steel lever to open them. This guy is dangerous and has no business operating as a mechanic. I realized quickly from this point and inspected the bike. I see a huge gap in the plastics at side of odometer. No the frame is not bent I tested it. But this goon admitts he saw a bent bar inside front end but did not fix it.

He says not on his sheet. What type of mechanic fits new fork legs all front end and is not prepared to adjust the frame brackets. He also put the new handlebars on and fitted the switch assembly before the grip. Well now the grip is hanging off the bar full of air.

A totlal disaster which I must sort out with his boss. Who is not even a mechanic and knows FA about anything. Honda Pattaya service is real bad and I will never buy another Honda there. Forget Honda. Kawasaki mechanics are 5 star. Pattaya Mityon Honda service are scooter shop mechanics limited at best under paid and no training. Wheel alignment is a global standard. Straighten brackets before fit new equipment is also standard practice. These keep pointing to a price board like a supermarket.

So again I left with a stuffed bike due to the fact they thought I was dumb and willing to leave with a new stuffed bike. No sorry I take this with videos to Honda head office :)
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