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2012-05-14 07:12:35 by Albina
This is the worth clinic ever! I have spent there like half of my day and there was so much pain while they were doing my Bridge. I not suggest you to go there for anything. You will loose your time, money and health. You will not save there what so ever. Especially big “thanks” for Dr. Irma Gavaldon. Not bad person, but not that professional as they are saying about thir work. I would even say that this is one of the clinics I will never go again. Thanks for you time reading. I just have shared my opinion. Bye.
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2012-08-04 04:35:24 by Fernando
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2012-08-05 02:29:47 by cirysuyj
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2012-08-05 08:06:59 by rzkefqugr
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2012-08-07 06:10:37 by nwwiyk
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2015-08-01 07:23:13 by Andrey
I don't think you comment to much at all I apcetpiare every comment that you leave. I have to admit I'm a bit of a comment whore. I start to get despressed if I don't have comments. =) And there's no way I'd ever think you were a stalker. Besides I think I've commented on just about everyone of your pictures for awhile now so if anyone is stalking I think it'd be me!That's a long way of saying please don't feel the need to purposely fall back on commenting to me! =)
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