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2010-01-15 01:28:10 by Philip Kam
I was looking for a job and decided to use a resume service. Decided to go with this site and paid for it using my credit card. The site promised a 24-48 hours turnaround time and a personal consultation time. Then 3 days later - I recieved a revised resume. I then emailed and asked for a one on one discussion so the resume is more focus on my search. No respond. I sent some idea back via email - they responded with "looks good". Then I asked for another phone call - still no respond. I asked for the cover letter? again no respond. I called the toll free-number. it is voice message. I left message saying I am unhappy with the service - no reply. Emailed a few more times - no respond.

So i filed a credit card dispute with my bank and then 4 months later. they notice the money is withdrew. Now i get phone calls saying it was me who did not resp0nd and did not follow up with revisions. I said to them it is too late - I am not going to pay them. Now they said to me - "dude, it's up to you - if you want to do it the hard way - we will send this to a collection agency." Sounds very professional, huh?

PLEASE do not use this service. Besides the scam - the worst part is during your job search where timing is critical. You do not want to deal with days and days of not having the most important piece of documents (resume) to find your new job. STAY AWAY.
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2010-01-15 14:57:44 by Mark S.
Jeffrey H. - Senior Software Developer I understand the position you have made concerning the technical section. It is a detail I would never have thought of, nor has it ever been mentioned by others whom I worked with, so thank you. Furthermore my resume looks fantastic in its current form. How will you proceed at this time with the remainder of the services? Cheers - Jeffrey.
Devon R. - Financial Analyst/Accountant Thank you again for your timely response in addressing changes I wanted to see to my resume. Let me start off by saying to you that I am not trying to go off track about my resume at all. I was simply asking a question about the tense of the current job, I was not trying to be critical. I just wanted your input in the matter, which I did get, so thank you. I am thankful I chose CP Resumes to revise my resume, and am glad I was able to work with a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Your efforts make me feel very confident about my resume, and I’m very excited to submit it to prospective employers.
Beth H. - Human Resources Assistant Wow, that looks great!! The only thing that I see that would need to be changed is the address. I am moving to AZ in a couple of weeks, so I would like to have that address on everything so I can begin sending them out to employment agencies before I leave. Please replace the current address with...
Kevin C. - Equity Trader I am very happy with the resume. Thank you. Now I just need the Cover Letter and I will be good to go. Thank you for all your help.
Julie N. - Operations Manager I have recently become employed thanks to my resume! However, I am still searching for that perfect job in a tough job market. I would like to update my resume to include my current employment. Thank you.
Joseph D. - Sales Manager Thanks for getting back to me. No problem on the contacts from the “fringe” of employers..completely understand that is out of control. I was just having a hard time sorting out which sites were contacting me (resume sites) that were legit. Have a great day and I am really pleased with the resume you all did for me. In fact, a good friend of mine just spent $700 on his with a competitor of yours and likes mine better!
Eric H. - Graphic Designer First off... I would like to give my thanks to the hard working people at for the extensive changes that were made to help improve my current resume. What I gave to work with, and what I received in turn is a complete night and day difference. All I can say at this point is... APPROVED!
Kathleen R. - Project Manager Good Afternoon! This is an excellent first draft...I must say I am very impressed! I will review over the weekend and get back with you on Monday, as I have a few ideas that I would like to incorporate. Thanks very much & best regards, Kathleen R.
Elisha J. - Social Worker Thank you for the efficient service you have provided. I looked over the first draft resume and it meets my objective. I especially like the format and wording of the objective. Would it be okay to add my affiliation with Habitat for Humanity? I have been a member in other chapters since 2001. Other than the addition, everything is else is super. Again thank you.
Jugal K. - Software Developer Thanks for the wonderful services. I got the job! I wanted to thank you for your excellent services.
Joel G. - Petroleum Landman Now that's a resume. Great job guys. How is the cover letter and thank you note coming along? Again great job on the resume.
Terri M. - Medical Transcriptionist Thank you very much. I am very impressed with your work and will definitely recommend your service to friends.
Charlie B. - Sales Manager Thank you for the resume. I believe that it outlines my skills perfectly. Can you tell me how much more it would cost if I also had a cover letter put together for me?
Bryan A. - Crewing Coordinator Everything looks great, thank you. I have a small favor, can you resend the cover letter? I was viewing it from my phone and I was trying to close it and deleted it by mistake. Thank you for your work and I would not have been able to do any of this without you.
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