A Plus Enterprises / Avenue Infotech, Mehra Compound, Saki Naka, Mumbai Complaints

A Plus Enterprises / Avenue Infotech, Mehra Compound, Saki Naka, Mumbai - CAUTION AGAINST FRAUDS

2009-12-12 17:41:33 by Priya Sonawane
Here is a big joke. One day reading the ad in the Mumbai Mirror I called up Avenue Infotech about jobs. I told that we are 30 people all of whom have got retrenched as our company closed down. Have they enough work for all of us ? The person (Savita) from Avenue Infotech told me yes there is enough work for all of us but each one has to pay separate registration fees.

Even big companies dont have openings for so much staff, how can this filthy enterprise which operates from a filthy office have jobs for so many people ? If they have so much work for so many people, why do they operate from such a filthy place,they should have a beautiful office. Common sense should prevail, dont get cheated by these frauds. And rightly said, go tell everybody that Avenue Infotech and A Plus Enterprises, Mehra Compound are frauds.

There are others like Real Infource Pvt. Ltd., Dadar & Thane, Vaishnavi Data Systems, Ghatkopar, Vikush Computers all of whom are in the same line of cheating through registration fees.
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2010-06-26 08:44:57 by Alisha
2010-08-20 10:47:13 by Candra
Tlng datang ke toko Indra Ng d Jln Jatiwaringin no 19/232 pondok gede
2011-09-08 12:12:20 by Chasmine
Wow, your post makes mine look feblee. More power to you!
2011-09-09 03:59:37 by wdpqsexok
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2011-09-10 04:20:35 by nkkhmmfx
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2011-09-11 09:57:47 by dausofq
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2011-09-12 08:15:36 by jelgmhgqb
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2017-06-17 10:19:57 by Patrickdum
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