ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc Complaints

ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc - Cheating & Fraud by ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc, Missassauga

2015-01-12 00:30:27 by Steephen Joseph K J
I Steephen Joseph K J, residing at Kerala, India was introduced to Mr. Ripudaman Dhillon and Mr. Padam Lakhanpal representatives of ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc, Mississauga, Canada by one of my friend Mr. Jomy Vithayathil Joseph who is Canada. He also assured him that, he will find a employer for me and he had told him that the total service charge for the entire process would be 12000 CAD and if the work permit application is rejected 3500 CAD will be deducted and remaining amount would be refunded. In the agreement it had shown that the service charge would be 3500 CAD and it would not be refunded. As per the instruction from him through email, I transferred 3500 CAD on 03-01-2012. After the receipt of 3500 CAD they asked me to sign the agreement.

However, in March 2014 they made a phone call to me and told me that my LMO was ready and I had to pay the rest of the amount 8500CAD. They told me through phone that I should sent 2000 CAD through Bank and the remaining amount 6500 CAD by cash. As they instructed I deposited 2000 CAD on 07-03-2014 through bank of Montreal and balance 6500 CAD was handed over to you by my friend Mr.Tinu Babu Antony on 21-03-2014 at their Mississauga Office. They didn’t give the receipt and told him that they will do their work, but cannot raise a receipt.

After the remission of the entire amount (12000 CAD) they had sent the entire Work permit application package along with the LMO of M/s. Paradise Halal Meats, Alberta, Canada. Thereafter, I had applied for the VISA as on 21-04-2014. However, my visa application was rejected on 31-7-2014 and the same was reported to ICC Canada Immigration. But they told me that they would reapply and they would charge an additional amount of 3500 CAD again with a new retainer agreement. They told me that if I was willing for reapplication, I could mail them so that they could adjust from the balance amount of 8500 CAD which was held with them. Several times they asked me sent the mail for reapplication request. But I asked them whether they could reduce some amount for the application, but they told me that it could not be possible. After that I requested them to procure the GCMS notes in which we can know why the application got rejected. But they informed me that they couldn’t wait till the time as the employer is demanding the employee. I don’t want to lose my hard earned money and I told that I would not like to continue and the process could be dropped. They told me that they are going to close the file and it was closed as on 16-08-2014 and appropriate invoice will be raised from their accounts department. But still I didn’t receive any Invoice except mails. I asked them to return 8500 CAD which was held with ICC Immigration.

On 29-10-2014, Mr. Padam and their director operations told me that they had much expense on the close of my application file and also asked me to do the application for some other programs. Their director operations told that me he will not charge any service charge for the new application and they will adjust the service charge towards the balance amount held with them getting my consent.

But on 30.10.2014 I received a mail from their side telling that they would return only 1500 CAD, which is absolutely unacceptable to me. I would be pleased, if I could know the reasons why they would like to deduct such a big amount of 10500 CAD (12000 CAD – 1500 CAD) without any clarification. In fact, at the time of agreement they have very clearly told me that their service charge will be only 3500 CAD and if the application fails they will deduct 3500 CAD from 12000 CAD and balance will be returned. As per the condition, I requested them to return 8500 CAD as early as possible. Several reminders had been but there is no reply from them.

In their mail dated 30-10-2014 they had informed me that any further communication will not be entertained until and unless their offer of 1500 CAD is accepted. I feel that the condition made by them is unfair since the refund settlement is not finalized amicably. I’m totally disappointed and I want justice in this matter.

My friends who are witness to this deal are ready to give written testimony in this regard and I am ready to fully cooperate with any agencies in order to trap them for his illegal work and immigration related frauds. I am not so strong to fight with these Canadian Lawyers and ICCRC members, thus seeking your help. As the citizens of Canada and Professional of ICCRC they should not do such fraudulent activities. I also have the telephone conversation recordings for the entire money dealings and statements. I didn’t have any receipts or invoice for the dealing of 12000 CAD except telephone recordings. Please help me to recover the amount from ICC Canada Immigration. Even though, my repeated request for refund, they didn’t answer for any mail, unless the refund of 1500 CAD. I feel that I’m totally trapped.

I also lodged a complaint in ICCRC authorities against the ICCRC member of ICC Canada Immigration Solutions Inc. The director of ICCRC reviewed the complaint and informed me to immediately file a complaint in Small claim court. I am planning to file a complaint in Canada with the help of my friends in Canada.

Iam writing this for the sake of Humanity since I knew that in Canadian government is very cooperative and helpful and we can get the justice. We are the victim of Fraud by Canadian Citizen Holders which they not deserve to hold the citizenship because by using this power he is misusing his citizenship and fraud with innocent people around the World.

Please give your inputs in this matter and what I have to do further for refund of my hard earn money from the fraudulent agency ICC Canada Immigration Solution Inc.
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2015-07-07 13:56:25 by San

You should file your complaint here..

Good Luck!
2015-08-01 12:00:32 by Saddam
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2016-01-27 07:48:06 by Aboagye.Emmanuel.
Am Aboagye.Emmanuel from Ghana. I paid 600 dollars to your company and I didn't here from the the company again.
2017-08-07 17:00:04 by Charleshak
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