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2017-12-04 01:17:08 by Gary Kohle
Synoptic Boost :- You get best out of something when you gave best of yourself. It is conceivable to happens just when you give your total concentration and fixation to that work.

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2017-12-05 00:55:21 by RWGIV
I orderd the "free sample" of Synoptic Boost and Synoptic Energy which is supposed to unleash the power of the rest of your brain which is a pretty tall order for sure and after like a week they went ahead and charged me for another month supply of $79.99 and without my permission. Now I don't know how to stop it and also get a refund. I'm going to try to cancel the charge but since its on a prepaid debit card that may prove difficult. As far as unleashing the power of my mind and activating the 90% of my brain which is not being used if it is working I'm not aware of it. Maybe there isn't enogh brain left over to notice thye fact that the other 90% is now functioning. It hasn't made tracking this company down and getting a refund any easier or faster either. Obviously if the product actually did what it claims to do they wouldn't have to resort to such sneaky and underhanded marketing campains... and that "
FREE SAMPLE has now cost me $85!!! it does seem to be par for the course on any "FREE SAMPLE" being offered online.
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