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Cheryl A Spurlock, LCSW - Cheryl A. Spurlock lacks empathy

2011-05-20 13:58:53 by A Big Person
I will make it short and simple. I can't recommend Cheryl A. Spurlock, LCSW, DCSW as she comes across as abrasive, judgemental and unempathic. She is also overly obsessive with correcting small spelling errors and this takes away from her clinical skills. I would never refer clients to her.

Cheryl A Spurlock, LCSW
1821 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 456-9076
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2013-08-15 00:28:25 by Alfredo
Beautiful list. When I go to therapy and reropt on all the work I've been doing that they asked me to do it's like they are shocked. We just don't usually get this kind of compliance in our field. I just don't understand why anyone would ask for help and then not try it. Especially over and over again. When it's so expensive.And I can't believe how many people give up on therapy after the first try. It just didn't work for me. The therapist was an idiot. I know that usually means they were told something they didn't want to hear, but it could easily be a personality conflict. I've told many people that if they thought they needed therapy enough to go once to not give up and try someone else. It has to be someone they're comfortable with; it's a pretty intimate relationship.But it all boils down to, Do you want to get better? Do you understand that YOU have to change in order to do that? Great post!misssrobin recently posted..
2013-08-23 07:31:12 by Suman
Great post! Stopping in from SITS and I can't wait to hop around and<a href=""> epolxre</a> your blog a bit. You and your hubby seem like such sweet people and I love the concept of your home here. I have been seeing a therapist for about a year now and I kind of wish I had read this list before I started going there were so many things I was taught to expect based on TV/movies that I soon learned weren't typical of a therapy session (ie, I was expecting a couch!). The relationship I have formed with my therapist is one I wouldn't change for the world. And I hope you realize that while some days may be incredibly frustrating, you help people in more ways than you probably realize. XOXOCharlotte recently posted..
2013-08-25 09:45:17 by Ann
The responses dtaenstrmoe how difficult presumptions can be: some suggest no presumptions so the court can use its discretion; at least one suggests having a presumption with an opt out analysis (which is how the proposed Minnesota presumption would work); while most agree that children’s “best interests” should be the standard for parents and/or the court. I really believe that presumptions regarding parenting take away parent responsibility and efforts to cooperate. Yes, there is the 15%-20% who come to court for parenting decisions, but most of them just need some guidance, nudging or training in basic decision-making skills to develop their own agreement. A presumption would undermine their negotiations and efforts to make the best plan for their unique circumstances. The much smaller percent (perhaps 5%) that are the truly “high-conflict” cases using the court the most need the judge to really become informed about the full behavior patterns of the parents and make appropriate orders – without any barriers to providing for the children’s best interest, such as a presumption.I appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this difficult issue.Thanks,Bill [url=]czsyihohqg[/url] [link=]lvrpjtucsl[/link]
2013-08-27 02:17:53 by Ashlee
I love you Jenn and congrats on your <a href="">spiaecl</a> day!! This just cracks me up but it happens to contain some very sage advice.Speaking as a person who spent some [understatement] time[sitting] on the couch [hugging the much adored orange pillow] I can say in all honesty if this was a test I used to fail # 5 regularly then I get all wise ass .. what was that # 8? . vocab wasn't my best subject, you see. Thank goodness my therapist was a patient man and had a good sense of humor like you! There are wonderful therapists out there, don't give up people jen recently posted..
2013-09-03 17:00:03 by Franco
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