PR visa 175 vehicle painter Complaints

PR visa 175 vehicle painter - delaid in process

2010-08-17 00:12:12 by azimuddin shaikh
I azimuddin sk applied for 175visa in 01july 2009 and I think it is being delaid to get my PRvisa to australia what are the reasons can you tale me, if realy there is any problem ,dont you have solution
for that , as I know cant we apply for state sponsership with same IELTS report and same visa fees
if is it possible than tale I am ready to do that or cant your global placement arrange ENS (employer nomination scheme) for me, or if you have any other solution than let me know what is it because I want to go to australia as soon as possible

WWICS file no 42963
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2014-06-27 18:08:43 by Angeles
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2014-07-22 02:33:58 by Kimberly
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