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2012-05-14 09:07:29 by Myke
17 of Feb 2012 I had some work done in cancun stetic implant centre. I had 4 mini implants put in. I was in so much pain for 3 and a half grulling hrs. The docktor asked me can u feel this. And he continued (What a question) I was almost out of my seat. After about 3 weeks I called back saying 1 implant just pulled out. I came back down for the warranty work. Paid out of pocked flight and hotel. Was told that I would get it back. Have been talking with Loria at least once or twice a week. NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Manny wont even return my calls.I think many is not all what he says he is. All I want is the work done properly. Or give my money back so I can get the work done $ 4750.00 is what they took from me. I would not recommend anyone to go to Dentistar and especially Dr. Menendez for any work done. The speach they gave u is all fine and dandy, but when something goes wrong they brush u off and take your money. Dont go there for any work done.They run a company and provide a service, maybe they should ack llike one. If you wish to call my number is 1-705-947-0323. More comments will follow.
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2012-08-04 01:47:14 by Masato
Each person has difrfeent needs, even the same person may have difrfeent needs in difrfeent parts of their mouths. Implants are require specific conditions for the best results, so in order to achieve those scenarios some dentists will choose to be more cautious, some more cavalier.There are many kinds of bone grafts, some where an actualy block of bone is screwed in others where ground bone is placed to help fill in a space or prevent a void from forming. If you had teeth extracted at the same time ground bone is sometimes used in a bone graft to accelerate healing.Best of luck; you should be able to call your dentist-even 2 years later and ask how he was able to do both the implants and graft at the same appointment. His notes should be thorough enough to spark his memory.
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