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2012-05-14 11:17:00 by Harold
I went to Dentistar as an emergency referral as my office is without a dentist, I went two time assuming that they were going to pull the tooth that was hurting, after paying 250.00 upon my arrival for the second appointment, they just had the periodontist take x-rays and give me drugs for the tooth with subsequently fell out on its own three days later. They are crooks, stay away from Dentistar, i agree, they only want your money and would rather drug you up than make you feel better. Crap people with crap attitude towards their clients! Never ever go there again! Stay away from it.
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2013-08-15 02:49:36 by Monse
Hed, Spanish has many synonymsOtra vez, de nuevo, = aanagmeins exactly the sameQuedar = to refer to stay in one placeQuedate aqued = stay here! Synonyms of quedar1.remain2.stay3.keep4.leave5.rest6.drop7.stick around8.agree9.come off10.come up11.wind12.trail13.fall on14.take away15.take from16.tear down17.fall upon18.weaken19.jack in20.line out21.trim away22.throw over23.take off24.throw up25.let into26.throw aside27.trim off28.take out29.take up30.leave off31.leave over32.throw off33.lead off34.throw downMantener=1.maintain2.keep3.hold4.sustain5.support6.keep up7.service8.keep in9.keep on10.hold up11.provide for12.prop13.abide14.raise15.tend16.keep away17.wedgeMante9ngase (the verb mantener ) = providing food to someone (eg, breadwinner),Mantener los ojos abiertos= keep your eyesMantenge1se alejado = Stay awayDe vere1s and en serio = in earnes, (interjection; really)notes Terms; good, nice, ok, or yes, yeah, sure, of courseare similar but are used according to the occasion, same thing happens in Spanish
2013-08-23 07:46:33 by Yavuz
When this happens to me, it's<a href=""> beasuce</a> I have a Chinese input program open. It randomly replaces special characters (diacritics, tome marks, accents, etc.), in Spanish, French, etc., with obscure Chinese characters. If you have such a program (e.g., NJStar) close it and the characters will be replaced by the correct special characters. Otherwise, try switching browsers.It has something to do with the encoding used by the Web page or file you're reading. Once Unicode is adopted everywhere this problem should disappear. In the meantime, try switching from Internet Explorer 6 to IE 7 or Firefox. If you're in IE, click on View and go down to Encoding. Make sure that Unicode (UTF-8) is checked.If you're in Firefox, click on View and go down to Character Encoding. Make sure that Unicode (UTF-8) is checked.Hope this works for you.
2013-08-25 09:59:47 by April
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2013-08-27 02:29:46 by Ari
Whats the difference in these<a href=""> sispnah</a> words?I'm watching Spanish tv a lot and some words seem to mean the same.What's the differences between:Otra vez and de nuevoQuedar and mante9nganseDe veras and en seriousThere are more but that's all I have written down currently.How would one know when to use one word and not the other?
2013-09-03 17:14:06 by Kemar
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