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Dr. Robert Lowen - Dishonest Doctor

2009-09-26 17:40:58 by A. Victim
I went to Dr. Lowen about surgery to fix the mess another doctor made of my body. When he saw the before/after photos, he said, "You looked much better before", and he told me that doctor had removed fat from parts that he shouldn't have. But when the Medical Board investigated that doctor, Lowen suddenly changed his story and said that he didn't cause the damage to my body. He said it was caused by a surgery I had had 10 years prior. But if that were true, that would mean that the dents remained dormant for 10 years, and only came out by coincidence soon after that doctor operated, which is, of course, absurd. Because of Lowen's lies, the medical board did nothing about that butcher. Doctors who lie to protect other doctors instead of patients should be avoided, in my opinion.
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2009-09-26 17:41:38 by Lucille
I completely agree with you about avoiding doctors who lie to protect colleagues. They are the reason the butchers are out there, so they are just as guilty for this horrific results, even if the botched jobs were not done by their hands.

Any doctor who covers for or minimizes the mistakes of another surgeon cannot be trusted.
2009-09-26 17:44:15 by A. Victim
UPDATE: Dr. Lowen's lawyer just sent me a letter threatening to sue me if I don't remove my posts on the internet about him. I WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. My posts are true, and there is a little thing called the First Amendment which protects me rights to free speech. I encourage others to speak out against doctors who harm patients, and doctors who lie to protect doctors. The Medical Board is only there to protect doctors, not patients, so patients have to stick together to protect each other against bad doctors.
2009-09-26 17:48:29 by Determined
Kudos to you for posting this and the updates about the lawyer contacting you.
I have dealt with same issues regarding doctor's covering for other doctors...good 'ole buddy system.
A patient's care should be their priority...not their medical friends.

We're supposed to trust doctors, yet it can be nearly impossible to do that.
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