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MITSOT - donation & false promises

2010-04-09 14:17:01 by Market Maestro
I am ex-student of MITSOT. I request u for not taking admission on false promises.what ever they r showing in brochures, about facilities, infrastructure,PLACEMENT , everything is false. For MIT education is business. Without donation u cant get admission. When i had joined in 2007, we were told that within 2 months MITSOT will get AICTE approval, but u will not believe me, it is still not AICTE approved. For getting admission in MITSOT u don't need to have good percentage, but u need to have money.Out of 350 students of first batch hardly 50 student got placements from college, rest of students are still struggling to survive.Highest placement was 3.5 Lac/anum & only 2 student got that.Many students had taken loan for their study, but what MIT have to do with that, for MIT money is everything.what ever they are showing on brochures about various companies like HCL, TCS & 30 other companies is false. Even most of d college in PUNE is doing business. I am doing what I can do,to save other students life.
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2010-04-09 14:18:57 by zStudent
24 days ago by Stock Spear Head [send email]
It is absolutely true. MIT's trustee always arrange some function, sometimes 3-4 function in a week and they call big big personalities & some toothless politicians as a chief guest. so they have very good contacts with them, so every body knows about this controversy of donation but no body is ready to open their mouth.But I have proud of saving two students's life.

24 days ago by Patel And Patel [send email]
Ya, I am totally tune with these students, what ever snaps are there on MIT's web. is totally preplanned to attract new students. Teachers would not allow u to open laptop in classroom, if they catch u with lapy, u will end up with trouble, and in photos they are showing laptop's in class. It don't motivate creativity or natural talent, but MITSOT only believe in marking system. plz someone arrange special show of 3IDIOTS for staff of MIT.

22 days ago by Anil Shau [send email]
it is totaly wrong what ever the students are saying, i am a students of batch 2007-09 . i am very happy with my college, or yar one thing we spend a lot of good time or ye college hai koi pub ya disco to hai nahi, kher or raha placement to sirf mitsot wo college the jo overseas placement ka paya being a first batch it is like imposibal kher, sayad kuch log reh gaye hai bina placement k my best wishes with them . anil sahu

22 days ago by Ekta [send email]
I am a student of MITSOT batch(2008-10), I got the placement in Jupiter ltd. It is a virtual marketing kind of company and my annual package is more than 4 lac. For this placement I really like to thank MITSOT and its staff and faculty members who gave me opportunity to go ahead. Also I would like to thanks MITSOT training and placement team who gave me chance to show my talent and give me path to run in this corporate world.

22 days ago by Abhishek [send email]
Today I m going 2 share my MITSOT 2 yrs experiences . b’coz I was also one of the part of MITSOT (2007-09). They provided me lots of facilities like CISCO LAB, MOTOROLA certification, ORACLE LAB, CCNA certification and many more things which are very helpful to make me different from the other telecom mangers.

Thank You MITSOT

22 days ago by Umesh [send email]
Hello friends, I got the placement with a decent package of more than 6 lac., from MITSOT Pune. For this accomplishment I really thank MITSOT placement department. You won’t believe it, but it’s true. I was rejected by on campus placement by some companies but my placement department buildup my confidence to selection in higher package company like SPEAKWIRELESS it is a VAS(value added services) company.

It is like a dream come true for me, all thanks to MITSOT.


22 days ago by Aston [send email]
Mr. Sahu I would like to inform u that, only 1 student has got ovrseas placement an d that was not from clg, but it was because of his own contacts, and for ur kind information that student came back to INDIA within 3 days . Do u want to talk with him, I can give u no. also. And what will u do with certificates, when u dont have knowledge, I know how we got certificates with out attending class. And plzzzzz dont mention ur package here bcz after leaving MITSOT I am at much much higher position, than what u ve got.But it is not becaus eof MITSOT, but I got it bcz of my hardwork .And my fight is against of donation. write something about that.

22 days ago by Prem Prakash Dwivedi [send email]
Ok Fine. Mr. X you want to know about donation ? Right .? Let us consider you are a person who want to earn some money . And if u are getting some money with out any effort then what is wrong. If u don't know due to the education of MITSOT u are working on the highest position of any company.

I think you forgot those days when our teachers try to give us rigorous eduction from 8A.m - 7P.M. Due to MITSOT effort u are now fit to organisation . Now i am working with different colleges pass outs, he or she get surprised sometimes that how u work till late night. I with full of enthusiasm say that this is due to Our college.

It is not finished here. There is lot to say but i want to say that try to analyze ur self, then blame on any one. You take decision to ur self, neighter MITSOT nor any one forced you to join MITSOT. I think you are behaving like a Kid. I think you are familiar with SWOT analysis. So Start swot Analysis of all the colleges and then blame on MITSOT. MITSOT is really far from all the colleges in Pune .Providing quality education.Rest is left ... !!

I want ur reply ...!! Really waiting . Mr. X. ...

Best of Luck .

22 days ago by Prem Prakash Dwivedi [send email]
Now students have save their life by getting high packages. Its time to u to get satisfied. During ur time there was high recession, due to which u get suffered . Not only u but every college was effected by such recession. So keep patience, try to focus some good work of MITSOT. You are not blaming a college but u are blaming a family with u spend 2 full year. So stop blame game. Behave like a good family member of MIT.

22 days ago by Jany [send email]
I am agree with Mr. X...
Mr.Prem are you out of ur mind?
Directly or Indirectly u r accepting that something wrong is happening in MITSOT like Donation.And u r telling what's wrong in earning money? I want to just ask if u ll get opportunity to steal something precious, then would u do that? Because earning money is not wrong according to u either honestly or dishonestly.
I just know one thing, that is Education should not be a mode of business. It must be for society to uplift the poor people.And which faculty r u talking about, jinki apas me banti hi nahi thi wo faculty.
If our faculty would ve wished, then they could ve called some companies for placement by thier own contact, but no body was ready for that. And if we will support this system, to hamare MBA pe pani fir jayega. Because it is against of our moral, our family teach us from the begining for being honest, then how can u support this. I know one thing - there are 2 ways to live life, either aceept what ever is happening, or take the responsibility to change it. And if we will not raise our voice then who will?
MBA dekhne se nahi dikhta, but u must think, talk and behave in some sensible manners. and u all r writing in stupid simple language. Aceept whatever is wrong and try to improve it.
U are hindring them those who are trying to clean this system.

My support is with Mr.X...and I always stand by him if need arise.

22 days ago by Prem Prakash Dwivedi [send email]
It's great u r changing ur name, but for ur kind information the language u are writing in the para is due to the MITSOT. U are talking about moral this is moral that u are behaving like a uneducated person that u are fighting with ur Family. Very sameful..! :(

I think the language u are using is totally showing that u are behaving like a foolish one. Come in front and start discuss about facts and failures of MITSOT. If u have talent why not u shown during placement activities.

I think it is worth to talk like u guys, even who don't know how to talk and what to write. If i m not wrong such type of person can cheat their family too. What MITSOT is I know and the students who have joined the MITSOT . Rest need not to say. God Knows who is right ? Rest MITSOT is doing their work, it will never stop. Wo kehte hain HAWA ka jhonka aata hai aur chala jata hai. So u are like that, coninue man . Nothing will happen to MITSOT. Truth is Always truth. God is always with those person who serve the society and MITSOT is doing their work.

Thanks MITSOT to serve the society... :)
!! Good Show..!!

22 days ago by Prem Prakash Dwivedi [send email]
Thanks MITSOT for providing quality education. Such type of obstacles comes in the path of gud work, but the brave person never get distracted form their path.

Continue doing ur work. Such type of person try to distract form path and try to do the person out of box. But don't worry do ur work. God is always with u .

Best of luck. ;) i am always with u .

21 days ago by Somya [send email]
Ek bat to Prem tuje manni padegi ki upar jo bhi MITSOT ke bareme likha he wo sahi to he. aur placement achcha ti IIM bhi deta he, par wo kabhi donation nahi leta he.Or don't be emotional, muje pata he ki clg ek family hi thi, par wo hum students k liye or kuch faculties k liye, par higher authority k liye wo ek business hi to he. To jo bhi galat he wo samne ana chahiye.
aur tum students kyu apas me lad rhe ho, here the main point is donation & juthe sapne dikhana hi he.
Me bhi janti hu ki mene jitna khrcha kiya he, wo nikalne me hi shayad mer life khatam ho jayegi, jab tumhe ye malum he tab tum apne gharwalo ko kya Muh dikhoge. Kya puri jindagi iske liye west kar de. Or ek bat he ki AICTE under process me he wo starting se keh rhe he, to plz jab ho na jaye tab tak manna hi nahi.

21 days ago by Mishra [send email]

21 days ago by Miss [send email]
Bribe Denewala lenewale se bada criminal hota hai...

20 days ago by Anis Trivedi [send email]
I have done so many admission in Pune, even 4 in MITSOT and i had earned 3Lac. Mene college me maje hi kiye he, my attendence was hardly 5% kyunki mene money kamane k liye hi admission liya tha mit me. But in reality MITSOT se achchi or clg bhi he.yaha pe sab chalta he. Lekin ab mene ye band kardiya he admission ka business, to me nahi chahta ki koi aur bhi kare.
Mene ye business isliye chalu kiya tha ki mene jo paise diye he as a donation wo recover ho jaye, aur mene kar liya bhi he.

So, now i am against of it.

19 days ago by Manish Diwdi [send email]
i m student of 2008-10 batch . first i would like to thank the first guy who had complained about this "FARZI COLLEGE" . i have taken admission into this college becoz they promised to provide different certification like ccna, oracle, etc... but the way these certification were conducted were full of flaws and without any fruitful result to participator, In a fee structure it was written 35000 are primarily for ORACLE application certification but no such certification were conducted .After making issue of above said cheating the college came with new strategy segregating the 35000 into various parts ...out of which 10000 were secured for Various training activities for placement... but thanks to MITSOT till date we were waiting for such innovative programs.
At the last the only thing i can suggest to MBA aspirants to don't take admission in this college Becoz Academic are only on fuzzy syallbus
Placement are only on paper
Admission welcome to all if u have money in ur pocket

18 days ago by Pranjali Mahad [send email]
I strongly agree with the person who made this complaint...

People of MITSOT plays with student's life.they are just concern about the money.
The very 1st day dey had told dat v r in "SAFE HANDS" but 2dy v cant see any1 standng beside us.

MITSOT is sindabad jahaji, they says company is in "PIPELINE".
But GOD only knows vn this pipeline will open.dey do placements only on papers.Watevr dey show are all fake datas, the truth is hardly few hv joind through college.People those who hv joind at der own are askd to sign bond dat u hv got placement through college only.They sent students in WALK-INS and dey say dat u dont hv caliber.

Some students hv mentiond dat MITSOT provides CCNA, MOTOROLA Certification, SPSS, CRM.
But all d certification are fake dey hardly teach anything productive.All d papers of CCNA are givn at i sort only.Hardly student learn or get any benefit from it.We have submittd money for motorola certified telecom manager, but v hv got PARTICIPATION's certificate & no exam ws conduted for MCTM.

They keep subjects without knowng about it.dey keep BUSINESS COMMUNICATION(BC)1, 2, 3 and hv ignord othr important subjects of MBA.v just get overview of evrything same like "jack of all trades & master of none".

MITSOT hv written in hoading SIEMEN's UNIFIED COMMUNICATION LAB, but inspite of being student i dnt no whr is dat lab.They are using all IMC tools to sell their admission seats but d truth is dat evrythng is fake.

So, I also recommend student not to take admission in dis college bcz here v hardly learn technology nor general management.

18 days ago by Punisher [send email]
I agree MITSOT never asked anyone to take admissions, but it attracted people to take admissions by promoting false promises.It promoted itself as TELECOM MANAGEMENT college but guys we know how many major telecom companies visited campus and how many students actually placed.All data is leading to falsification and cheating of budding engineeers.
All certifications are invalid and faculties teaching them are incompetent accept general management faculties.There is no sync between academic department and placement department.Academic pattern for 2008-10 batch is changed four times in the span of one and half year.(What this shows?).
Placement department is worth less it has no industry relationship, only by conducting various programs and seminar doesnt mean that industry relations are maintained .These activities should lead to actual palcement of students in major companies in industry.I think head of placement department is totally useless person.College is branding itself as telecom mangement school but fact is that, people who can be counted on fingers are placed because of there own efforts out the batch of around 65 students from telecom management.
All in all this an effort to stop other students to take admission in such a mismanaged management institute.
After reading this if u want to salute the institute ..!!! well u can after all ur living in democratic

17 days ago by Cool Romeo [send email]
bhayio main bhi iai ghatiya college ki paidayish hun...n whatevaa has written above is fully correct n true coz we takes admissin in college for get placed in a good company not in some's comapnies...but mitsot never invited a good company whitch is brand name...n abt donation i wud say that its a common thing o v can say compulsary for gettin addmission in not only in mitsot but in all pune's institutes...per kya karien ab bhai jaisi karni waisi we all r happy as unemployed...kfjeriojh58gi5gjvrkmfvrtjviojwirfirjfior...nthn gonna change bro's...
2010-04-09 14:21:33 by zStudent
17 days ago by Punisher [send email]
After so much of talking and public discussion, we still not finding any drastic(dramatic) change in the attitude of MITSOT mangement .What this shows, acute lacune in management of MITSOT.I dont know how many people(students) will suffer from the greedy attitute of this college.
When I am tlaking about the college dont mistake me, as i am blaming collge as whole.There are still good general management faulties around which I think are the only driving forces of the college.But rest have made the mockery of the academics.
Their are many students who got placed in good company after their gradution but joined MITSOT in the pursuit of quality higher education and to build the better sucess career path.But to the great disappointment every thing gone in vein .I know with calliber and ability they will rise as pheonix but good career path setting 2 years are gone can MITSOT give it back to them .This my only question to MITSOT.And I think answer to this quetion shld be give sympathitically rather than dynamicaly.
Well while writing all this my throat become dry and eyes became moist but still MITSOT management doesnt wake up then I can say only one thing " God forgive them they dont know what they are doing ".

15 days ago by Sagar Babulkar [send email]
I am also (ex student) and culprit of MITSOT by taking the admissions here.Actually its not the false of a college but it is the false from all of us that we had taken the admission here by investing SIX Lacks(including fees and lodging with fooding) with two years curriculum.The mgt of this college don't have cco-ordination so as a result they had had changed their pattern of teaching from trimester to semester.For the placements are concerned they hardly bring single companies in the MITSOT premises which is suitable for technical graduate with TElecom Mgt Graduate.
Some of the students have written in this forum that they got placement of 4 lacks...its miracle but might be they know the truth that how a fresher can get this much package in a small company like mentioned above...

14 days ago by Arindham Choudhary [send email]
chutiya banaya bada maja aaya

aisa main nahi kehta admission hone ke baad clg waale gate band karke kehte hain...

14 days ago by Arindham Choudhary [send email]
i m fully agree tht MITSOT has cheated us.They are playing with careers of many brilliant chaps like me.
and everybody who is favoring mitsot is one who is cheating themselves.people like amit sahu, ekta etc are those foolish people who never know what is meaning of career.are inko to koi dhabe wala le jaat to bhi khush ho jaate.we have invested money for something gud, after doing lot of hardwork and after learning so many books where we are right now, we are getting package of 10000pm for seling a simcard or anything else.this is what we are expecting, is is worth for us to do MBA from this bullshit college.

isliye bhaiyo favour karna chodo aur apne bhavishya pe dhyan do warna virtual marketing ke chakkar main kahi salary bhi virtual na ho jaaye...

Jai shree raamm...

14 days ago by Ashish Marotkar [send email]
Guys i think this blogging is moving from bad to worse.We call ourselves well educated people and see what kind of language has been used, this is really disgusting.
And to address the question of academics, donation and placement, i would say it happens when one tries to follow short cut for getting the sucess.If one is keen to put his hard work and focus aline I dont find he/she can fall to social pollution like donation.I still remember the way in which i got admisssion in MITSOT, it was purely on the basis of merit and no extra penny was asked to for confirming the admission.If people are not competent and finds theselves in the trap of agents (who are always looking for the soft targets) then it is not fault of MITSOT.One should balme himself for such country side behaviour .I think exellence can only be acheived and cannot be bought .
Now the issue of academics, the academics were flexed only on the request of students for helping them to join the respective organisations . So I dont understand why there is such a foul cry over academics.Please I request you people to stop this and concentrate of exam which are around the corner and spend your time in quality thinking.
Last but not the least the issue of placements, frist of all I would like to thank Project Director an his whole team who made big contribution for my placement in one of the leading multinational infrastructure company.i really appericiate their effords and their concerns about the placement of MITSOT students .i would like to appeal all the students that please dont spread these defamation of college which is ultimatly affecting your carrier prospects.
Issues can only be resolved by face to face talking and not by discussing in public.That is why i hink meetings are held in closed room and not in open market...

13 days ago by Rohit Verma [send email]
I do agree, whatever the statements is stated.No need to comment anything far as mine is concern i am also the alumini of the same college.presently I am suffering from is the most appreciable step.

My Appeal is same, be aware...

1 days ago by Rishabh [send email]
i am really puzzled and devastated becoz i have just taken admission in the college but now i am reading ur comments and i am getting absolutely puzzled what should i do ...plzzzzzzzz someone guide me

2010-04-28 21:11:31 by angie noland
2010-05-15 14:49:14 by x men
es college k maa chodo saare staff k bhi khaas taur se research associate k
behen chodo k salary kaat k compensate karoa logo ka donation
kuch placement nahi dete maa k laude yee
bas bol wachan hai
mera bas chale to colge ko bandd kar doon
to bhai aur behen sab se request hai jo bhi karo soch k karna
and no need to give any donation for this college even u have less marks too
if some one ask for this college mitsot mit pune kindly talk to any media person aur police regard this illegal act
trust me this colege do not deserve even fee alsoo
2010-05-15 15:19:04 by in ur right
hello friends this is one of the student of mitsot,
i got addmission in this college by giving donation of 100000 lakh rupees and this iz not only mine story
but from the first batch to upyet how many students are there who got fare admission in this fake collgethey jus do xperiment on students
from sylabus to everything
thy r proud of thr attendnce bt i thnk its all bull shit
what kind of teachers thy have
those who do not have proper communication skill
this i nt a coolege it is a parliament where everyone is playng mind game to bake there own bread
what kind of companies thy have caallled fr place ment insurance
i think for insurance there is no need of ny qualification even 12 pass child can do well
or thy have called company on wat package
for 10000 bucks
i think many of the person get monthy expenses of 10000 alteastwhen we were studying
is this the promise of milind pande
still many of the students do not get proper job
what companies thy have called for recruitment and at what package
is this the dream job for milind pande?
i m friend this can be for milind and mit staff memebers but not for me and you people
i do not hink while u left ur home u were thinking about 10000 or 15000 rs job

and those who are standing in favour of college please say me that who have got placement except 2 from college more than 2.5
tell me the name of single person that college has placed reputedely n college dd nt even feel ashamed of there this cheap act those who got place from there own sources for that college is taking the credit as listing it on there placement chart

what ur talking about prem u also know what we have got from this stupid college and wat u are doing right nw
we are here to earn money not for working late night like labourers
not for fake applauses

we are here to prove ourself and give happyness to our family in all respect

everyone in this college is professioanl in term of money they are in search of chance to snach mony from students either in term of late fees late, exam form , short of attendence even reason is genuine

from hod to puine and even director to all the culprits of all batches of mitsot i all know who all in the management take money and give addmission and regarding that i am going to coplain soon in aajtak

this is bieng written to make mba aspirants aware like mitsot there are plenty of college in pune who are taking money and giving fake commitment and no placement so please use your mind dont come in words of any one
either he/she is ur friend or relatives or any one
because in college like mitsot it do nt even deserve fees , so donation is far away to think of ...
sooo pleasse please yungistaaaann awakeeeeeeeeeee

i dont waana any one now like us , like prem prem is lil bit emotional i know him from first dayy
common prem they all are selffishh

yaar agar late night work or hard work hi agar es duniya k maang hoti to gadha sabse izzatdaar janwar hota

please awake

and in last to all my friend

agar aap logo k dimaag me abhi bhi samjh me nahi aya ho aur even then u wanna give donation to i want to tell u that never give more than 25000 for this college yaar 10000 me bhi hojaegaa

so wake up friendsssss
2010-06-08 04:15:05 by miss
If you see the placement of 8-10 batch is great, the companies which had come to campus were good, each and every student got opportunity to sit for the companies, and the data is authentic whichever it is displayed, mitsot is good College to pursur Telecom Management
2010-10-26 04:54:15 by Rajesh
Hi all,

I am Ex- Student of mitsot, i feel proud to become a part of the same. And one must take admission in MITSOT, i was a regular student attainted most of the placement activities thats the reason i can say what ever people are talking about MITSOT is fake. i know how many opportunities given to students. every student has appear for approximately 4 comapnies except to those ho were visiting students. These stupid people are making nuisance on the same.
Guys who so ever is interested in telecom management must go for MITSOT only. Reason being our 1st batch if student are appearing for 4 companies that simply shows what industry relations MITSOT has. No bdy can raise the issues on the same.

They have given such a huge exposure to us that visiting/ unhappy students many not be able to copeup with, its simply their mistake. Number of industry visit in which few student talk like," ki hume kya fayda Forbs marshal ki company visit me. Lekin dear understand basic of it every comapny work with Management principles atleast try to learn that. Jo logoke pas ye attitude hi nae i request them not to speak on the same.

One must take admission in MITSOT if they want to make carrier in Telecom & want to become best management professional
2011-04-08 10:58:37 by r
plz tel us exact it is aicte approved............and the r showing lot of improvment in their syllabus...plz tel us truth.............
2011-04-24 07:03:03 by paritosh
i m a broker..i hv my flat in pune,,agar kissi ko admission lena hai pune mai to call me..i ll do in 1 lac only in mit name is paritosh giri...
2011-05-23 03:01:06 by mahesh
hiiiii .......m gvng 1.70 lakh rs. donatin for PGDM nd fee is 4.40 lakh......

i hv given 50000 rs. to confirm the saet bt i hvn't paid d donation yet bt i vl hv to pay it within 2-3 days...

i gvn GDPI before gvng MAT xam,couple of months back nd they passed me coz m gvng them donation....

nw i got 666.5 composite score in MAT....

i wasn't feeling bad for giving dnation nd taking loan for submittting my fee cos i was thinking dat MITSOT is a good clg who provide good placements nd i will workhard nd will get placed......

bt nw after reading all dese comments m vry confused......

i was intrestd in taking admsn in MBA bt i hv not given MHCET or CAT........

nd yeah they also told dat frm dis year they vl also award m.b.a. degree(affilated to downtown university asaam) along wid PGDM............

plzzzmy dear frndssss nd ex students of MITSOT.....plzzz sugest me ,m waiting for ur replies.........PLZZZ RPLY FAST.....
2014-01-01 14:39:41 by pagal
dost bahot pachhtaoge baad me. mhcet ke through kisi aur college me admission le lo
2014-01-01 14:43:02 by pagal
2015-05-12 01:02:43 by rishiraj
someone please give me ur contact details so that i can have a clear idea as i am plang to tk admisn here
2015-05-12 01:03:54 by rishiraj
please add me on watsapp or call me urgent 8873326800
m totally confused whthr i shoul tak admisn here or not as i need to take loan
2015-06-04 13:06:47 by alex
guys, i m really thankful to you for reaching out to prospective students and making them aware that all that shines is not gold. i received a call this afternoon , congratulating me and seeking my confirmation to join the program. But guys be sure of what you are posting, if one of you is for fun-sake posting a negative remark all-though hes not an alumni or someone who's pursuing a course here, it could amount to someone losing a chance to get admissions and loose a lot more than an academic yr..
still i appreciate the efforts of ex-students...god bless you guys
2016-01-26 03:00:30 by Abhishaek
I am going to admit in MITSOT 2016-18 batch...I am very confused cz someone tells it bad others good!!!!what to do?
2016-02-10 00:39:16 by Vishal
I am planning to get into MITSOT this year... Now I am confused about what to do?
2016-04-06 06:47:52 by vikas singh
I have taken admission in mitsot for pgdm marketing .. Is there any one who get admision in same . plzz tell me ..8109515053's my contact no.
2016-05-08 16:18:53 by Anki
Guys i am taking admission in MITSOT and for that i am really confused please suggest me should i go for MIT SOB or SOT??
2016-06-01 07:57:45 by Pranav
I have taken admission for batch 2016. Till date I have contacted current batch students and alumni both. I have got good reviews about college in terms of academics, faculties, placements.
So I am wondering whether the above candidates (calling themselves ex-students) how realistic they are or its just a negative advertising by their competitors.


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