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Dr. Lynn A. Dannacher - Dr. Lynn Dannacher is unprofessional

2011-05-20 13:53:25 by An Person
Dr. Lynn A. Dannacher is a PSYCHOLOGIST. Her License Number: PSY10439. She is very unprofessional. She was untruthful with me, abrasive toward me and lacked integrity in her dealings with me. She lacked empathy in her interactions with me, would only consider her view point and then defended it even though it meant that she was dishonest with me. She also lacked articulateness in our conversations in that she stumbled over her own words and came across as confused and mixed up. If you do speak with her, I would suggest that you tell her that you are recording the conversation so that you have evidence of what you say to her. Otherwise, in my experience she turned against me, rewrote history to her liking and caused me irreparable damage. I would never refer cases to her and I cannot recommend her.
her contact number: 310-213-0449

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