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2019-08-09 10:06:03 by steffandevin
Children prior to Jesus were treated like second-class citizens. They Duality are not a distraction or a nuisance. God puts a value on children. Solomon writes in Psalm 127, "Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children are a reward from Him." When we look into the eyes of our children, we are looking at our future.Children today face more distractions than ever before. Today, it is easier to fall by the wayside. The leaders of our youth groups shared with me some of the top pressures and problems our children face. Number one is peer pressure, over scheduling of time, pressure from parents for excellence in school or sports, fear of not having world peace, and lack of self-confidence.

So how can we help our children with the pressures they face daily and raise them in a Godly manner? We can begin by spending time with them. It should be quality time. Eliminate the background noise such as the television or stereo. Let our children see they have our complete attention. We want to show sincerity and show we have a desire to know what is going on in their life.When children gathered around Jesus, He made them feel important. How did He do that? He was respectful. As parents, we cannot just demand respect from our children we must also give it. Valuing their opinion shows one form of respect. Children have inquisitive minds and can add value to a discussion. When we consider children's input, we show respect and build their confidence.
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