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LAZADA Thailand - False advertising

2016-07-05 13:03:31 by Mark Due
SCAMMED by a THAILAND online selling portal.

I purchased 3 items from this so called protect the customer company operated and based in Thailand. Being a happy EBAY shopper for over a decade and a great credit to EBAY for protecting the buyer upon receiving wrong product. If you do get stuffed around on EBAY the seller cops the cost.

LAZADA do not care they will not promptly return your money. Not your mistake they do not care. I are stuck with things I did not order or want.

BE WARNED LAZADA Thailand caution your buying off Thais and they only want the money.

LAZADA delivered me 3 items and 2 were complete wrong models that were advertised. Useless to me and I had to wait slow delivery. Thinking I would be quickly refunded well no such thing exists here. They make the return process so hard and you must wait weeks for a replacement while the seller enjoys your money and is free to sell any shit they wish. A license to rob, Just like they robbed me and at a high price.

LAZADA claim to protect the buyer which is a complete false claim and they even have there business diverted to a Philippines call center to handle any complaints. I sure theres thousands of unhappy customers just like myself

LAZADA is a legal scam
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2016-07-05 13:05:01 by Tom
Yes I had the same experience with LAZADA Thailand they are terrible and I will never buy again. EBAY I are happy you exist lol.
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