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2011-08-08 15:10:37 by Cynthia
I beccame a gurantor for the above company and for a while everything was fine. But, the lady whos loan it was closed the account accidently and I was getting harrassement from texts and phone calls. well, she opened another account and was pying the load off regularly but in the meantime they have/had taken money out of my account that they had no reason or right to!! My LLoyds-TSB bank were extremely unhelpful. I am still getting harrassed by them saying that I owe money when they have not only got the money from my friends account which is right which was set up, but have taken money from my account!! These people are appalling and I am seeking advice from trading standards and the financial ombudsmen but, I have a feeling the ombundsmen have/ are indundating with complaints about these loan sharks. These people are clearly breaking the law and should be closed down. Its money with menances.
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