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2011-05-24 02:57:39 by Rosalyn Foster-Kerr
I took out a loan with FLM and had my mum as a guarantor. My mum has had a stroke and
if I am a couple of days late with the payment they start threatening her on the telephone and this is threats on the hour every hour and then the letters. I have never come across a company that are obviously loan sharks and are allowed to continue with the threatening behaviour. I and my mother have contacted the Citizens Advice and
were told they could do exactly what they want. Surely there are some laws out there to protect me and my mum.
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2013-08-16 07:10:09 by Bhupendra
Armand! This is absolutely gerogous! I have to really sit down and catch up on all these lovely drawings (the dirigible reminds me of Red Alert 3, I don't know why). Also, Chris Deboda was evil and tagged me, so I am tagging back! You have been tagged!Will update via email soon. Am costuming and preparing for the Lord of the Rings Symphony...argh!--Shuku
2013-08-24 17:49:12 by Prem
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2013-08-27 08:07:46 by Tami
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2013-09-04 00:03:40 by Lidia
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