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Feedtime Catering - FOOD POISONING

2014-06-29 03:44:49 by Marichris

contact name: Ngoc Diep

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2015-12-11 08:46:11 by Robson
I believe I am sunrefifg from CFS. I am constantly tired. Some days I get so fatigued upon exertion. I have to keep laying down and taking breaks to regain energy to finish the task. I can sleep all day and still feel tired. My doctors just dismiss it as depression, but even after taking antidepressants I am still tired. Not to mention chronic pain as well. I need to know how to get my doctor to listen. I even asked for the B-12 injection and the doctor told me NO! That's just anecdotal! . What can I do to feel better?
2015-12-11 14:30:34 by Leticia
Hi Lisa: Your note went to my spam folder which I<a href=""> deeetld</a> by sorry. Will you send again so I can post your comment? Love your breakfast cookies. When you open my freezer, there are bags and bags of them at eye level. I love them frozen, cold, and at room temperature. I literally grab and go with your Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookies!
2015-12-13 07:34:13 by Junko
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2015-12-15 09:45:02 by Susana
I am adding <a href="">myslef</a> as a follower to your blog because I am so interested in the editing process post acceptance and prior publication. I just went through it <a href="">myslef</a>, it took over a year, and the entire tone of my book changed, for the better of course.btw, I think your author photo shot looks incredible. Very intelligent and sophisticated.
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