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2010-12-23 11:52:47 by Nitin Sharma

I have sent number of mails to Customer care Manager WWICS mohali and to the Branch Manager and Mr Rashim of Jalandhar branch for intimating me about the outcome of my refund after my case was closed with CHC, but till date I have not been updated about the outcome of my refund case, even the direction to Mr Aseem and Mr Babandeep of Jalandhar branch vide Customer Care Manager email dtd 07/12/10 has not yielded any fruitful results. I presume that there is coordination or in WWICS India and thats the reason everybody is so callous and careless. Further I would like to elaborate the facts in my case so that WWICS can consider my case for refund otherwise at this stage I have no option except to seek legal remedy.

1) On 25/02/10 I filled an online assessment form for resettlement to Canada on your company’s website and as a result vide email Dtd 03/03/2010 I was intimated that I am eligible for federal Canada with my spouse as primary Applicant and I was asked to contact Hoshiarpur Branch of WWICS. I then received calls from Chandigarh head office and Hoshiarpur Branch persuading me to start the case (itemised Call details of my Phone number contain Both Numbers).
2) I was approached by Mr Om Prakash Sharma Sr Marketing Executive of WWICS Hoshiarpur Branch and was explained the whole process of filing the case and I was told that if my case becomes invalid/rejected I will be paid back my full fees i.e. service retain of Rs 30,000/- , Spot Payment of US$ 400, Spot Payment of Rs 20,000/- and VPF of CAN $1100.(excluding retainer fees 25,000/-)

Details of Fee Paid in Cash-

1) Rs 25,000/- Dtd-10/03/10.
2) Rs 30,000/- Dtd-11/03/10.
3) Rs 20,000/- Dtd-22/03/10.
4) US$ 400/- Dtd-26/03/10.
5) CAN$ 550/- Dtd-26/03/10.
6) CAN$ 550/- Dtd-26/03/10.

Please note that I paid the full amount in cash (I have the receipts).

3) I was asked to pay Rs 25,000- on 10/03/10 so that my contract can be generated. I was handed over the contract on 21/03/10 Sunday both hard copy and soft copy and the contract was signed by my wife on 22/03/10 that you can examine in your office copy. As there was no refund clause in the contract I asked the concerned (Mr Om Prakash) to get it done but he told me that this is a standard format of the contract and He will add the refund clause by himself as the company has the refund policy, so the refund part was added on page 07 and 10 of contract of Engagement of WWICS and GSBC respectively.
4) The Whole Process of preparation of Drafts and paper work in R/O various fees was done by Mr Om Prakash and I paid him the Whole amount in cash before 22/03/10 on which the contract was signed actually. He even mailed me the Scanned copies of the drafts on 27/03/10 from his official Email ID
5) I submitted all my documents to Mr Om prakash on 26/03/10 and vide email Dtd 27/04/10 I was informed by the then Customer care Manager Mr Machhral that my case has been filed with CHC on 24/04/10. I want to add that as the company was satisfied with the addition made in the contract my case was finally filed , but I started getting calls from Hoshiarpur Branch that I have to change the contract otherwise my case will be delayed and even stopped. I wrote a mail to customer care manager on 14/05/10 and in response Mr Jaswal Branch Manager of WWICS Hoshiarpur Branch was asked to resolve the matter but nobody called me up or contacted me and the case was set aside.
6) After I received a registered letter Dtd 02/08/10 WWICS intimating me to collect my CHC File No along with CHC requirement from Jalandhar Branch I called Mr Rashim at Jalandhar Branch and as per his direction I asked my Friend to collect the same on my behalf. The said documents were not provided to my friend when he visited the branch and he was intimated that I have to resign /change the contract in order to get the documents, I even talked to Mr Rashim but he again told me that as per the instruction of his seniors my documents will not be released till I change the contract. I remain in contact with Jalandhar Branch and you but you too vide your Email dtd 12/10/10 intimated me that I have to sign a fresh agreement as the earlier contract is invalid.
7) As I was having hard time convincing you I finally withdraw from my case as stopping the release of my papers at your end was totally illegal and illogical and projects deviation from your duties as a company. I was mentally tortured by your company and as a result I quitted.

At last I just want to inform you that if you can settle my refund it will be fine otherwise I have to claim the refund of my money through the hon’ble court that too with damages. I will not take any responsibility if the image of the company gets tarnished by the said petition/ complaint to the Court and appropriate authority including CSIC. I want to end this amicably in a nice manner.

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2011-01-12 10:03:25 by surjit singh
WWICS is truely a fraud company and it has been proven. You can go through the website of CSIC and can find out that CSIC has started inquiring against WWICS senior directors and CSIC members for violating the rules of conduct and cheating clients.
2011-08-16 03:42:31 by preet
hi can u explain to me whts wrong with this company is it realiable or not caz i wnt to apply my case through this company...............
2011-08-26 08:47:38 by Renu
This is very good & professional company my lot of friends & my family settle in canada thourgh WWICS..If profile true then nobody can stop the case..
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