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2011-02-14 14:33:17 by Dr. Martin Polanco
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2011-02-19 16:44:20 by Martin Polanco
I understand and value all relevant concerns regarding the quality of the services facilitated at the clinic. I take my work seriously so feedback is important to me. However, there are several statements made in your letter that do not represent the truth.

First, I was not the operating director of the clinic, nor was I the ibogaine provider at the time these treatments took place. As the owner, I do accept full responsibility for what happened at the program, however, some of the statements in the Ibogaine Insurrection article are completely false. I can confirm that Clare was not left alone during her treatment, and she will verify this.

Second, I ask that you consider the context and circumstances of the incidents you have mentioned above with respect for the dynamics of the medicine, the psychology of the patients involved, and the challenges that are faced in providing ibogaine in a medical environment.

The truth is that my work and the valuable work of my colleagues is tremendously helping people reclaim power and sanity in their lives, as this medicine has a profound effect on helping patients recover from addictions that are beyond my control. They often come to treatment near the edge of death and in extremely ill condition. The nature of this medicine is intense and deep, and it does come with some risks for people who are already in poor health. We take this medicine very seriously, and precautions are taken in pre-screening patients to make sure that this treatment will be as safe and effective for them as possible.

If you have further specific concerns you wish to discuss with me directly, please contact me directly and I will be happy to answer any appropriate and relevant questions you might have.


Martin Polanco, M.D.
2015-01-07 11:28:45 by callmejeff

Martin polanco had this girl was murdered for attacking him on line... this girl is now dead. Martin
They are protected by the drug cartel, anyone who speaks about them will get wacked. I will stay anonymous, i will not make the same mistakes Jacky did

Dr martin polanco is not a doctor that helps people martin polanco is a dangerous man that has been hunted by the FBI for selling body parts from patients who have died from ibogaine treatment since 2001. they sell body parts.

------------------he is a soft spoken killer, the worst kind he is a greedy sociopath that will not stop until he is stopped. -------------------

He has been selling organs to a group called he has slipped through the FBI man hunts. That group has now been shut down. He got all of his money from his uncle who is in the drug cartel. Do not go to mexico and do ibogaine, or you will end up missing too. mexican drug cartels are dangerous, the news has exposed them and you have been warned. Martin polanco makes his money selling body parts. they have moved crossroads 5 x's after several deaths and FBI man hunts after marten polanco.

please share this news with everyone, mexico is dangerous do not go there.

All about Dr. Martin Polanco
All about Martin Polanco, MD
Dr. Martin Polanco
The Iboga Insurrection (Pt.1)
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by Charles Shaw

2015-03-05 15:01:25 by Dr Polanco
This posting is ridiculous and if it weren’t such a serious matter it would almost be comical. To all who read this, let me first respond by explaining a bit about the ibogaine community. In the last 15 years, the popularity surrounding ibogaine as an efficient way to detox has grown and continues to do so very rapidly. As a natural response to a spike in demand, many people attempt to start their own clinics with the sole purpose of making money. Often times, they will use such tactics as the one you see here; which is to outright lie in an attempt to dismantle the more professional and competent competition. All of these allegations are 100% fraudulent and downright offensive. Unfortunately, many Ibogaine clinics will take this approach because they would rather try and hurt the competition than raise the quality of their own offering. My clinic is one of the best ibogaine clinics in the world. I would encourage a reader considering treatment to get in touch with us or one our 100’s of satisfied and grateful patients. You can do so by reaching out to our intake department through our website.

I generally don't respond to these type of tactics but I have been advised to do so by my team. I can assure the reader that comments like this do nothing but inspire me to continue to improve my clinic and our patients' experience and outcomes.

Dr Polanco (866) 956-7756
2015-07-28 17:14:51 by OzisFree
I don't know Dr Polanco, but I had a conversation on the phone a few days ago, because I read an article about his miraculous work. I learned that his therapy is way too expensive than I thought, so I couldn't do it. Today, I was googling him and found this website.

This is a very good example showing both benefits and harms of a 'complaints website', firstly giving a chance to someone write a critic and then Dr. Polanco having the chance of defending himself. Everything is going good till that part, but look then what happens.... someone writes some serious accusations about the doctor again about blackmarket, and someone using a nick name as Dr Polanco writes back a very commercial reply full of marketing lines, looking like he's trying to promote his business...

If you check the names posting, one of them is NOT Dr. Polanco and nobody pays attention to that and guess who's affected? Dr. Polanco.

Briefly, I'm trying to say, if you are own and managing a website like this, one needs to know they carry important responsibility. This post has been read by many people giving them wrong ideas... So I am asking the owner of Xcomplaints to be watching out for these situations. This is not a fair and trustful platform you are managing.

By the way, for the people who are reading this reply... I am on a mission to create an online space where only truth, communication and love exists, aiming to help the world to evolve and be. I am energetically and technically fully equipped and getting prepared to finish my caterpillar phase. Please reach me out through facebook, if you feel me with your higher vibrations. Thanks.

Oz Goral
2015-11-28 16:39:55 by Joey turco
Dr polanco was awesome to me and when we convalesced at his house after treatment, he sat with us everyday... These things people say about him cannot be.proven.. He once about his sister and her struggle w heroin as the inspiration for him to provide ibogaine... Doc, you may call my law office anytime if you ever need.anything... I can say that, i will never forget you. Yours, joseph a turco, esq. (New york,ny)
2015-11-28 16:49:02 by Joey turco
347 854 7602 ... I have a good mind to offer my services to the good doctor and sue these phonies for defaming the only doctor who ever made a difference in my life...
2015-12-05 16:17:50 by G3nk5t42
Saved my life, don't know what this fool is tripping about. Was on on 240mg methadone/day. Been clean over 2 years.
2016-02-25 07:58:26 by matthew
I went to Dr Martin house in Mexico in 2012 and I felt like shit after words didn't feel like the ibogaine helped at all and two out of the four people went to go try to cop dope in tj this guy doesn't know what he is doing
2016-04-09 14:41:56 by Going to Mexico for help with doc
I agree with the lawyer! I am actually heading to this clinic. I am an addict and have put myself through way worse situations in my addiction. If you dont have paperwork backing your outrageous accusations then keep them to yourself. Why would you want to instill fear in to people trying to find hope for a better future then the one they have now! Like i said the proof is in the pudding. So please stop posting unfactual comments about people who are only trying to help. If you have proof then show it dont just rant and rave because of some story you overheard someone tell. Haters stop hating
2016-05-02 15:49:13 by José Alfredo Iglesias
Donde esta su clinica en el df Mexico y un numero telefonico
2016-08-03 02:10:53 by Elsa
Sigh. The complaint by "callmejeff" is obviously paranoid nonsense posted by someone who clearly needs professional psychological help. Anyone with a sane, critically thinking mind will be able to see that the accusation is pure, unfounded slander. Unfortunately, in the realms of substance abuse, there are some souls who are experiencing severe mental instability, and may experience states of severe irrationality. It appears that this post was written during a mental episode fraught with paranoia, and unfortunately he posted his delusional "critique" on the internet. From personal experience, I can attest that Dr. Polanco consistently expresses professional integrity of the highest order, and is extremely trustworthy. I personally would trust him with my life. I find it unfortunate that this "complaint" made it to the top of Google. If it were any less bizarre, it may even seem legitimate, but the accusations are so completely unfounded that they have apparently emerged from a dark fantasy, and should not be taken seriously.
2016-09-14 13:47:38 by bertha alicia oviedo ventura

Por medio del presenteme dirijo a usted de la manera mas atenta, solicitandole su ayuda, tengo un hijo de 18 años el empezo a drogarse aproximadamente a los 14 años drogadicto a la mariguana, piedra, lcd, acidos y algunos otros que por el momento no recuerdo, a mi hijo lo he internado en cuantro ocaciones en centros de rehabilitacion lo mas que dura sin consumir es aproximadamente un mes despues de que sale de su tratamiento, este ultimo internamiento duro 6 meses y sobrio aproximadamente siete meses y medio contando los seis meses que estuvo internado, le ruego por favor que me ayude y ayude a mi hijo el se encuentra en una situacion deplorable esta demasiado delgado y yo no duerno de la angustia de no saber como ayudar a mi hijo, le ruego me informe cuanto dura el tratamiento y el costo somos personas de recursos medios, gracias por su atencion.
2017-05-29 01:16:01 by Nancy ortega
Mi hijo tiene 27 años esta consumiendo desde los 16
No se que hacer se me eata muriendo auudeme por favor estoy en colombia mis recursos economicos no son los mejores pero por favor otienteme como seria el tratamiento costos y tiempo mi cel. 3002193314
2017-07-04 21:01:30 by James Brown
Sorry folks the game is over for Dr Martin Polanco, he is now shut down for good

It is now 100% Confirmed- This shady clinic called Crossroads Ibogaine has been shut down for good.

Martin Polanco is a wanted man
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