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2009-10-05 09:58:37 by John Mathew
iam a real victim of wwics fraud, i also paid 1, 25000 rupees for candian work permit visa(for the post of the assistant manager )as per wwics advertisement, i went to Trivandrum branch and collected all the information about this visa processing.intially they told met that only 6 months processing time, but even this period complete, no reply from there, after some months i got an email from wwics, they stated 'canadian labour market rules are now changed, you have to wait 6 months again, finally i have to trivandrum office, i asked them to give back one and half lakhs rupees, i dont want to go to canada, after two or three visits, four or five calls, i got all the amout of the money after one year and 4 months. this is one of the case in many complaints, i lost interest money for one year, i met many victims who have same experiance, some of them told me ' wwics put advertise in leading daily and they are collecting many money, this money is invest in realestate or any other business, after some months or years they are returns all the money, now iam living in uk, THIS IS MY REAL EXPERIANCE WITH WWICS.if u have any comments please contact via email
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2009-10-05 09:59:16 by Dilpreet Kaur
I applied for canadian immigration through WWICS. I gave 30000 to apply for the visa. intially they told me that I can show mutual funds, insurance policy for showing the proof of funds but later on they told canadian embassy dont accept this so I decided to file for cancellation of visa application and refund of visa fee which is 1250$. intitally they told visa fee will be refunded but 30000 will not be given back. I agreed to this although this was complete cheat from WWICS people.I could have filed for visa refund myself but WWICS told they know the process and will take care of this and will hand over the DD to me as soon as it is recieved from CHC. Now when they have recieved the check these people are asking me to pay 45000 more as a due. This is bullshit company whose only aim is to cheat the people. lets get togather and publish an article against these people in NEWS paper.
2009-10-05 10:01:02 by Dilpreet Kaur
please dont get trapped in WWICS. they are big cheaters. I hired them
for getting immigration to canada. I paid them 30000 to start the process. later on
I came to know some info provided to me is not correct and I will not be able to make it.
So decided to cancel my visa application and file for visa refund fee. I could have doe this myself
but they told they know the process will do it and hand over the check to me as soon as it is recieved
from CHC. I kept mailing them to know the status of the check. One day I got mail that they have recieved
the check please contanct I contacted and he told I need to pay 45000 to them than only they will release the
check. I have no dues with them its clear case of fraud as I informed them intitally that I will not be going for further process and
Please help each I contacted CSIS ( toll free number 1-866-308-2742) they told they need complaints against them in mail and fax.
so they will help us to get money back also cancel there memebership. if you people waant to fight against them please do the same
and mail me. I have contacted New agancy they are ready to write an article against them and this will spoil there image completely.
please mail me @ we need names to mention in the cover letter.

2009-10-05 10:01:25 by Arvind Chawla
I agree...
there r no of satisfied clients of WWICS it should not mean that after seeing one or two people we should beleive them this might have happened due to some lacking in their documents...thats all i strongly agree to this and I am satisfied from the feedback provided every time I called at the office of WWICS.
There r no. of clients and it is very much possible that they cant pay their attenetion towards each and every querry
2009-10-05 10:02:08 by Rita
It is not possible that a 15 years old company .. can survive so long ... the company has huge success rate and infact attends to cleints amny time .. open on sundays .. can vist the brach late in eveving .. free assessment of profile .. how many companies in HYDERABAD give this all to you... I did vist to other consultancies they do not have time to talk to you and understand your requirement... every company will have some falts .. it does not mean that the whole company is at falt... One needs to use commen sense while making judgemnt and not mearly going by such complains ...
2009-10-05 10:02:35 by Suresh
You are telling all these because you are a fraud employee of a fraud organization. people to file complaint against wwics follow the procedure given below

We can file a complaint against these false and fraud companies and consultants with CSIC,
The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants is the regulatory body of Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants. If you would like to file a formal complaint please complete the Complaints Form found at, you may also find information regarding the CSIC Complaints Process at This will give you an outline of the complaint and investigation procedure.

Let us all join together and file a complaint individually and pray that CSIC cancels their membership and we make india little safe and secure

Please note that csic cannot conduct an investigation unless a formal complaint is filed
2009-10-05 10:03:22 by Shekher
Who has posted the comment in favour of wwics ...he or she must be the employee of wwics else no one can dare to write wrong things about wwics.Yes it is true that wwics is long surviving for last 15 years but my friends do you know how they are surviving by cheating people of India .Mr. Sandhu thinks that no one can touch him because he is living in Canada but he's mistaken.
This is a legal and official warning to wwics that stop this looting businees, wind up your things and leave India.If any victim of wwics fraud looses his temper it will be very dificult for them to run their business anymore.
2009-10-05 10:03:54 by Rajeev Sharma
Who so ever is speaking in favour of WWICS, must either be a fool or an employee of this fraud company. the company is opening their office on sundays and late evening not to do social service, they are there just to do cheating business. I my self is a victim of this fraud consultancy firm WWICS. they have charged 90, 000rs - my hard earned money. They have also taken ROLF fee, which they never submitted to CHC as the fee has to be submited at the time of visa allotment. These people just submitt ur case in CHC and forget everything. Case submission can be done by urself also. I will request every one, who so ever is planning to immigrate to canada, that please don't hire any cconsultant and specially WWICS, as you would also not be able to communicate to CHC directly, and than you will be on the mercy of your consultant. You will be waisting you money as well as time.

Rajeev Sharma (A victim of WWICS fraud Consultancy)
wwics file no. 22558
2010-02-08 03:32:59 by Harjit Singh
im also the one victim of WWICS fraud Company. I applied for canada immigration by WWICS khanna Branch i pay to spend 2 lac on but the send my document to embassy more the 120 day due to delay of the document that are submetted by wwics my case was refused but they never tell the true reson of the refusel they asked us, it is refused due to experence certificate. but when we enqure to embassy they give us the true reson we r very shoked. now they don't help me even all evendance againt them plz some body help me
2010-02-12 12:58:26 by fsf
2010-03-02 06:31:22 by JK
Can Anyone Send me the feedback for Abhinav Outsourcing,they are agents in Delhi for Canada Immigration?
2010-03-09 19:52:50 by api
Websters International, James Walter Hanley Victims - Pls send feedback at
2010-03-20 10:20:23 by arunjonline
I will be going to the consumer court next month April 2010 against WWICS and they have cheated me. I will be uploading all details of my case in this site.

2010-03-20 10:22:10 by arunjonline
Rita and ARun chawla,

my ass. why dont you fuckers leave that asshole company.
2010-04-09 13:12:07 by SREE DEVI
I agree...
there r no of satisfied clients of WWICS it should not mean that after seeing one or two people we should beleive them this might have happened due to some lacking in their documents...thats all i strongly agree to this and I am satisfied from the feedback provided every time I called at the office of WWICS.
There r no. of clients and it is very much possible that they cant pay their attenetion towards each and every querry
2010-04-11 14:00:33 by truthseeker
JAMES WALTER HANLEY, a 49 year old Canadian Government licensed immigration consultant from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with CSIC license number M052800, and runs a unregistered company called WEBSTERS INTERNATIONAL, lies and makes false promises to his clients that they will be in "CANADA IN 3 MONTHS" just to get all their hard-earned money. He had an Estafa criminal case in the Regional Trial Court of Makati, everyone beware transacting with him!

The case was dismissed recently. Here is the update on it:

1. To everybody who say that James Hanley helped you go to Canada, you should think that maybe you were qualified to go to Canada even without paying him! You just gave him money for something not necessary. And what if your application is not successful, how sure are you he will honor the 100% refund in his contract?

2. To Atty. Aguinalde, James Hanley's lawyer, you know for a fact that the complainants are in urgent need of money. They are not as rich as you, their lawyer, or your bossJames Hanley because they do not scam people. The complainants accepted to drop the case and were forced to sign whatever untruthful document you gave to them, in exchange for the very low money offer given by you, which is not the 100% refund which he guarantees as stated in his contract. So your boss has successfully scammed these Filipinos since your boss and you, as you yourself received the money of your fellow Filipinos as attorney's fees, have gotten away with highway robbery. You must be proud of yourself.

3. James Hanley pays Atty. Jose Aguinalde with blood money coming from poor Filipinos, some of whom paid James Hanley their entire life savings, just to eat on those empty promises, and even had to go through suing him in court, spending so much money for their own lawyer, and now we're forced to accept this compromise because the complainants needed money.

4. This also shows how corrupt CSIC really is, as their own investigator Pierre Briand did not even fight for the welfare of the victims, and was just out to protect its own member and the $10,000 annual membership fee he pays. Evil and corruption still exists in Canada. Everyone who thinks otherwise is naive.

5. James Hanley must be just as innocent as Ampatuan, since both their cases were dismissed. The Filipino public have their own opinion if this is true.

6. Also heard that James Hanley is wanted in Mexico for the same fraud related matters. It took the local Canadian Embassy to pull him out of the country, after his face was smashed to bits, and he would have been beaten to death there, because many Mexicans are angry at him for lying to them. For people who have encountered him there, please post and share your grievances and experiences here.

Hope we Filipinos will get smarter and avoid people like James Hanley who take advantage of Filipinos who look up to foreigners, and understand, they are still human beings who maybe looking to get your money, with little in return. In fact, for all other victims, contact each other, and organize into a big group, and file cases against him.
2010-04-12 23:49:53 by Amit
Arunjonline ,Can you pls share with me the details of consumer court filing, as i am also the victim of WWICS and planning to file a case against them.

2010-04-16 05:10:45 by Seema
Hi.. i am intrested in canada PR can any one help me how to go about it or else can suggest me good professional agent for the same. Response wil be great help.

2010-04-19 14:01:37 by arunjonline
Hi amit, email me your queries to my email id --
2010-05-17 04:26:00 by Jaspinder
I don't agree on these comments. I am also a customer / client of wwics, its all because of them that i am in Canada well settled and doing business. i was nothing in India. but now i got everything here in Canada. its not all about me and my experience, it happened to my friends who also used the services of wwics and they are here with me in Canada. Me and my friends from Ludhiana all are here in with Permanent Resident Visa. I think there is something what we call "Miss-communication" between you and wwics. i myself kept on asking and they kept on giving me answers which satisfied me every time that i have invested in right place. as per the rejection thing i might be due to the Immigration laws changes very often or the documents are not as true as they should be. I mean to say the investigation of the documents are in their hand, one single document can leads you to rejection. As per the immigration norms we need to submit the documents which must be true / original. This is what i did and i got the service at the fullest of satisfaction.

Thanks to wwics who brought my Indian friends to me here in Canada. I would recommend them to each and every friends, relatives every person who are left in India or want to come Canada, to use wwics's services.

Jaspinder Singh
Ludhiana/ Toronto (Canada)
2010-05-24 01:50:56 by Mahesh
WWICS is a good company. The peoples who are writing these comments on the internet are not their client or the competitor of wwics. As i also used their services and i got the positive, satisfactory and the best services in the sector. I got Permanent Residence visa under 8 months time. They committed me that i will get the Permanent Residence Visa within One year. They kept me updated for the documentation and the Canadian immigration norms for that my application don't get rejected by the high commands. You guys who so ever have bad experience from wwics, is due to your own mistake. For example: They just totally ignore the importance of the documentation as per Mr Jaspinder said.

Why blaming others when there are your own mistake. everyone is concerned about the hard earned money. Same we i, i was concerned about my investment as i have heard and read the similar type of the comments for the wwics. But if a company is still in the same field since last 16 years they cannot be wrong or do something wrong to ruin their own name. And thats why i trusted them and invested in them and which paid me with the Permanent Residence Visa in Canada. When i came to the Investor Ceremony at the Head office of WWICS Group. I was amazed they have done 200 Permanent Resident Visa and there were around 200 more peoples who are happy with their services. When you see such thing is large quantity, only then you can understand the inside out of the company/ organization.

In Simple Words "WWICS Immigration Consultants are Best Consultants in India and In the World."


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