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2009-10-15 07:58:16 by PhotoRich
Non Payment of employees.

I am a photographer for RedBow Photo. I filed a class action suit in May 2009 for all Massachusetts photographers who received no pay for any work for RedBow Photo.

Reginald Bowser the owner, has proven to be a fraudulent liar. RedBow Photo has defaulted on the class action suit filed with the Mass Attorney General. A default judgment is forthcoming and hopefully will make the fraud a criminal case.

Trina Bowser & Kevin Chen, the regional Sales manager of RedBow Photo have also proven to be liars of the first order.

I urge all.
Be aware of the wage and employment fraud of Reginald Bowser CEO, Trina Bowser and Kevin Chen. Principals of RedBow Photography and CEO and Director of RedBow Packaging.
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2009-10-15 07:59:03 by BonedByRedBlowPhoto
I would agree with the above statements. Reginald Bowser, Kevin Chen and Trina Bowser, collectively known as Red Bow have defrauded hundreds of photographers across the nation.

It is estimated at this time that they have skipped out on paying in excess of $200K while profiting from the work the photographers did.

BEWARE TO ANYONE...Do NOT get involved with Reginald Bowser, Kevin Chen or Trina Bowser or anyone associated with them. They are a band of thieves and if you do your due diligence and research any of them, you will find that they have left a string of unpaid workers, bad business practices and criminal activity across this nation of ours.

They are as low as they come and should be in jail.
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