Sunus Solar, Hibrid LLC, Raukeeyang Garcia Complaints

Sunus Solar, Hibrid LLC, Raukeeyang Garcia - Fraud, Illegal purpose

2017-07-12 20:07:22 by UKnowMe
Raukeeyang Garcia is the founder of Sunus Solar and Hibrid LC. They are fraudulent shell companies set up to launder money and defraud customers. He moves around as his company names change when he's caught. Shell companies for the purpose of inflating revenues to launder illegally obtained money from other sources. This was created in 2017, soon after Raukeeyang obtained loans for 4 cars from Ken Garf using fraudulent loan applications in another person's name because he hides money and hides the true purpose of the company. Beware, he's in litigation over the Hibrid LC company which is why he changed over and created this one with a new name. He's an admitted sex addict spending money on anonymous internet sex partners but it doesn't matter because the company is a shell and no real interest in servicing the product, just cashing in on the contracts. You pay upfront.

Employees are not really paid health insurance as they advertise. Raukeeyang and his family are on medicaid because they conceal income under the table to qualify. He's ripped off several people out of money. High risk any encounter with this individual or his companies will set you back.
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