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2009-10-05 09:08:45 by Jerald Sudhakar
WWICS ( World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services) with its H.O at Chandigargh and branch office at various locations in India deals with Immigration/Work permit/Permananent settlement.
Actually i applied for immigration to Canada through its branch office at Trichy on 2006.So for this process they have collected around 1-lakh rupees and promised me to send Canada within 6 months.Also separetly i was asked to pay to the CANADIAN HIGH COMMISSION -NEW DELHI an additional fee of 23,000 rupees. In the mean i cancelled it for medical reasons after a year.So as per the agreement they are supposed to refund me the amount back.But till this date they haven't taken any steps.In the mean time the Trichy office has been closed and i was directed to contact the Coimbatore office.But both these offices Coimbatore and Chandigarh, always played an hide and seek game till this date.Also each and every time new branch managers are being recruited and no one is there to give an proper solution or answer.
Even the CHC has refunded the fee of 23,000 but the WWICS has not refunded even a single penny which they collected as consultancy charges.So like this they have involved in huge money laundering and scam.Many people have remitted huge amount like me.But coz of the foreign craze they never prefer to open their mouth.People are of the hope that one day or rather they would be getting immigration,but its just a mirage coz of the new immigration policies by the Canadian Govt. So,its Never going to happen.So some one please help me in getting my hard earned money back and also put an fullstop to this money launderers.

jerald sudhakar.x
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2010-09-23 21:41:45 by Xavier
WWICS - Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services.

Dear Jerald Sudhakar,
I totally agree with you. I would like to call WWICS as Worldwide Immigration CHEATING Services because I had very painful experience with them.
2014-06-27 20:53:41 by Hanna
End bgaa manaihan hesutu shdee, Busad gazar bdg humuus yamar bdagiig medehgui ym. Yamaan omogoo bardam zan gej enduureed yawna. Haana Mongolchuud bna tend arhidalt, zodoon nudeen baina daa. Zun dalain ereg orosn 2 mongol 24 tsagiin delguuriin umnu uuchihsan suuj bna, 20-d hooson beernii laaz hajuudaa urhcihsun. Duu n changarchihsn, tednees uur zugaalah gej ireed tegj mal boltoloo uusan humuus algaa. Busad n baig gehed uudagiig n oilgohgui ym daa.
2014-07-22 02:35:31 by Lena
//இரண ட வர டங கள க க ம ன ப ந ங கள ப ய வந த ம //எல ல ம அவன ச யல அவனர ள ல த ன அவன த ள வணங க ம ட ய ம . //ப ற த ர வட தர சனம ச ய வத அர ம //அட ய ன ன நண பர ச ந தர எட த த படம . அவர ஒர professional<a href=""> ptpohgraoher</a> என பத ல அர ம ய க படங கள இன ன ம வர ம பத வ கள ல ம த ங கள க ணல ம . கய ல மல ய ன ப ற ற ! ப ற ற !
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