Rubber Solutions aka Tyre Recycling Manufacturing Complaints

Rubber Solutions aka Tyre Recycling Manufacturing - Fraudulent sale of tire recycling equipment

2010-04-08 18:17:54 by Dayton International Tire Recycling, LLC
Company information:
Tyre Recycling Manufacturing and Ray Goldberg
PO Box 294 Avoca Beach, NSW 2251
Avoca Beach, New South Wales

This guy is a fraudster that has sold non-working plants and shorted people by the equipment they purchased. The grinders catch fire and are unable to do the job. His alleged crumb rubber distribution operation is non-existent. He employs the scum of the earth as they would only work for this pig. Goldberg seems to open a new phoenix company every several years after the cheating and financial disasters come crashing down. Please contact us on our website or come see our plant that he left in shambles. This guy is a real piece of garbage and suggest you run and hide. He will also eat you out of house and home.
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2010-04-08 18:18:33 by benwheatley
yeah thats true i used to work for this piece of crap but its not us that are to blame he deceived us too we all worked without pay have not been payed any entitlements. don't run and hie shoot the prick in the head i lost everything because of this scum. and yes he is a fat prick
2010-06-23 10:40:06 by susan
2010-07-02 06:28:38 by Ray
I suggest these idiots who NEVER tell the true story contact those that are happily running plants producing crumb.
Those are the people who actually did have electricals properly installed and did have floors properly installed.
Always two sides to a story besides, abusive email really makes you look like an idiot David Musgrave.
2010-08-15 07:25:53 by soyeb
hi,i msoyeb faruki.and want any further detail with doing bussiness with us.plz contact me on this number.9825696286
2010-08-30 15:44:14 by Basil
If Ray is what you claim I need you to call me and share the facts with me.I am thinking of putting up a plant.+27824472824
2011-08-17 23:49:33 by Mark
Basil, be very careful when dealing with Ray. I will give you a call.
2011-08-24 15:09:23 by karla
Ray is a fraud. I dont know how he ssleeps at night. What comes around goes around!!
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