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Alex Jankuv - fraudulent supporter

2013-05-23 09:40:58 by weirdx
Alex Jankuv is the worst support person ever - do not hire him! He used to work for and it he almost ruined the reputation of this company with his work - he was unable to provide adequate service. When I dealt with this company I used to contact Alex about support service but after I send various tickets it seems that this person had no idea what to do with them and instead of help I received just a rude service.
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2013-05-23 09:52:03 by AmoebaBoy
Alex Jankuv!! I just encountered this guy, he was the one handling my ticket. This guy is the worst customer support agent I ever met in my life!! He has no idea how to provide service, but he sure knows plenty of ways to HUMILIATE a customer! Besides, the guy actually never answered my initial question! If you ever see that Alex Jankuv is going to answer your ticket just close and open a new one. Or simply write that you don't want to deal with this guy in the ticket itself! Avoid him at all costs
2013-05-23 15:04:16 by ben29
I have something to say about Alex Jankuv too, had almost identical experience with him. This guy thinks that he is way better than his clients and you can feel that through his arrogant attitude, it was extremely disappointing to read his angry reply to my ticket. I can understand that customer support is tired of receiving identical questions again and again but at the end of the day it is their job and they are getting paid to do it. IMHO, there is no excuse for such attitude towards your clients and I would suggest to be more careful when hiring staff to customer support department.
2013-08-16 06:10:30 by Safii
I love, love, love them and him and you too, Shannon. You bring out the joy in my kids and that is a true gift. You are a great talent and I apceiprate you!
2013-08-24 03:01:18 by Bernadette
AH I HAVE THE CUTEST BROTHER IN THE WORLD! love love loveas <a href="">alawys</a>, lovin the photos shannon (especially the black and white, huge fan) LOVE
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2013-09-03 19:50:18 by Janvi
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