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Dr O P Agarwala , dentist - Greed-based dental treatment to make money

2011-01-14 08:31:11 by sayantan pal
Dr O P Agarwala, 18A , Mayafair Road, Kolkata, is a fraud. He is a greedy dentist. I went to him & he unnecessarily grinded my good teeth to put crown for making money. People of Kolkata, beaware of him. Since few patients come to him, he tries to cheat whoever approaches him. He is a harami, laalchi bania. I have lost huge cash due to his unnecessary treatment. He has displayed a foreign degree certificate in the waiting lobby of patients. I doubt whether it is a " bought" certificate.
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2011-01-14 08:43:47 by anisha chakraborty
I am a resident of Gariahat, Kolkata. I was also cheated by him. He tried to extract a couple of good teeth of mine to make a bridge, which I resisted. It is sure he only wants to make money. I request all to avoid him for their own safety. He is a die-hard greedy person. Social forums should keep an eye on him.
2013-08-16 04:22:06 by Lolo
I'm not really scraed' of the Dentist. However though, there are some things I am a little freaked' out about. I will either have to get my teeth pulled/ or braces. And soon I will have to get fillings (I really don't mind these, but I'm just saying)Anyway, you could make it more enjoyable by putting the younger kids to sleep (or adults. But first, you should ask there permission) when taking there teeth out, doing root canals, ect And you could be a little bit more friendly and happy. For instance, ask all your patients when you go out to the waiting room Hi there. How are you today? . Ask them about vacations, anything as long as your talking and communicating to them.And explain to them what you'll be doing. Plus, if you are doing something painful (like root canals, pulling teeth, ect) say If you feel pain, hold your thumb up, then I'll stop this would make them feel a bit more comfortable
2013-08-24 02:47:09 by Braian
No, your mother can't use your <a href="">sitesr</a>'s dental insurance to cover work in your mouth. That's illegal, and would get you all in trouble if you tried. You may be able to get braces with your own insurance, if the teeth have reshifted out of position again. Or you may have to pay out of pocket, making the arrangements with the dentist. It's called paying the consequences for bad decisions. Sometimes it's just more expensive to learn a lesson the hard way than others.References : nurse
2013-08-27 07:36:27 by Kurisani
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2013-09-03 19:36:43 by Amigas
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