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Apex Technology Group - Harassing Legal Action

2010-02-06 13:36:51 by Complainant_10
Company information:
New Jersey
United States

An Indian staffing company, Apex Tech, has gotten a New Jersey judge to order Yahoo, Facebook, Comcast and other companies to shut down the blogs of several American I.T. web sites that had been re-posting personal testimony about an Indian H-1B worker mistreated by Apex. DiscountASP.NET has already, without warning, shut down

Indian bodyshops have intimidated Indian H-1B sites for warning Indian H-1B workers about mistreatment at companies like Apex.

Now Indian bodyshops are using the same bullying tactics against American I.T. workers who dare to reveal this vicious 19th century exploitation. American I.T. workers will stand up for internet freedom and the freedom from exploitation.

The order also gives Yahoo, Facebook, and GoDaddy five days to turn over the personal information of three John Does named in the injunction.

Sarvish Kumar Dharayan is the one that runs Apex and he needs to be deported.
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