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2011-06-01 12:14:28 by michael andrew burn
almost 3 years ago my nighbour got into a lot of bother with money and with some ppl she has missed or been late with payments and flm are so sharp in to texting me that there are late anyway today she went online to pay them and found out that it has already been paid by me and asks me why did i pay it flm had no right just to go into my bank acount and steel money from it then was told it would take 5 days for it to be returned i mean what the ???? and without speeking to me first flm are a cowboy firm that charge extortion rate and only intrested in them not the consumer and to say it is put on my house is crap aswell it is a unsecured loan well i payed them off and told my nightbour just to pay me instead never get a flm loan
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