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2011-01-10 02:29:42 by joanne Mcclymont
I stood Guarantor for my son for a this loan last year his wages do not go in on time to make this payment so in the beginning I tried to help as much as I could we have repeatedly requested that the move the payment date my financial situation was good when I stood guarantor for my son but I have lost my job and am now on job seekers and cannot help my son at the moment FLM continue to harass me I have sent them a financial statement stating I have no surplice money but they continue to email phone text my phone is blocked by their texts and cannot receive any more I have over 68 just from tomemails from the person below plus emails from other members of their company I have kept all the e mails and letters they continue to try to take money from my bank account and because of this I am incurring charges from my bank which I cannot afford I keep stopping the direct debit and they keep setting it back up That the CAB Petersfield set out for me and I just cannot cope with this anymore they are making me ill the payments are always made within the month a bet it not on the date they would like there has not been a month missed The payment is due on the 8th of the month if it is no paid on that day they start to continuously contact both me and my son right letters and Charge £25 pounds per letter AND numerous amounts of £7.50
in one month the phone calls are quite menacing and threaten to take me to court and to put a charge on my home and if I was taken to court they would win because the company is run by solicitors and the judge would take their side this is on the telephone o I can’t prove this as I have no way of recording the calls but I feel this is not appropriate behavior they also say they are a charity and because Andrew doesn’t pay on time they can’t help someone else this company charge £90.00 a month interest on a £3000..00 loan payment of £151.00 per month so far my son has paid £1500..oo we have requested to have the date changed from the first month my son took the loan out this constant threatening is making me unwell I don’t know who to turn to I have been on several forum to see if there was any help and I found we are not the only people who are being treated like this and many other people are desperate for help can any do something about this company please help they need to be exposed
my e mail is
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2012-08-04 07:08:41 by Prinu
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2015-12-11 05:45:11 by Noura
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2015-12-11 14:26:52 by Gisela
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2015-12-13 07:30:01 by Open
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2015-12-15 09:41:08 by Anas
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