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Julia Forte - Harrassment and Slander

2011-03-03 18:42:56 by Ken French
Julia Forte of in Holly Springs, North Carolina allowed false complaints about me to be posted on her website, refused to take them down, added more of her own, and then tried to blackmail me to have them removed.

I own my own construction company. I am not a telemarketer and have never made a cold call for my business. One day it was brought to my attention that someone had wrote slanderous material about myself and my company on the site

I visited this website, read the slanderous and hurtful false claims, then I saw that this website was regarding telemarketers and cold callers. I have never made a cold call so I located the email address of Julia Forte, the 800notes owner, and emailed her explaining that I have never made a cold call so this was clearly a false post and to please remove the post.

I also realized that Julia Forte does not check the credibility of any of the posts on her site and allows anything about anyone to be posted on there whether they are true or not. This post about me could have been made by a competitor, a disgruntled former employee, or even an old high school person I didn't get along with. I couldn't believe this site allowed just anything to be posted on there.

Julia Forte emailed me back something about how some amendment of the constitution protects her site and that she will not remove the post. I emailed her back with my direct cell phone number (my business number was the one used on the site) and asked her to please call me about the false claims and I wanted to explain that my business does not even make telemarketing calls.

Julia Forte called me alright. She told me that she'd be happy to remove the post - for a fee of $1000! I said "No thank you, Ms. Forte. That one post about me online doesn't bother me that much." Julia Forte angrily hung up the phone.

The next day I checked out the site to see if maybe Julia Forte came to her senses and removed the post. Not only did she not remove the post but suddenly THREE more posts that were much more slanderous about me were posted!! Since I told Julia the one post didn't bother me she clearly added more herself hoping that would make me pay her off to remove the posts. I refuse to give in to this woman's blackmail but it's too bad she is using the internet against innocent people to try to make her own profit. I sure hope that one day this woman's poor ethics are put to a stop.
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2011-03-08 15:59:12 by Yeah right
We've seen her response at . Sounds like you're doing a bit of lying sunshine. Perhaps you should continue your attempts at that site, and see if anybody believes you.
2011-03-08 23:20:33 by 800notes scam
hey, "Yeah right" of course she's gonna post something in her own defense and then have all of her employees and friends comment about what a saint she is, duh. but this isn't the only report of Julia (800notes) being a scam artist! she is hurting innocent people and their ability to provide for their families. she NEEDS to be stopped! just google "800notes scam" and see that more and more people are starting to speak up. kindof like when someone finally stands up against a sexual predator, other victims get the courage to start speaking up for themselves. plus, this isn't the only post on xcomplaints about julia:

2011-03-09 14:29:31 by Really??
Have you seen the response? You're lying like a sidewalk buddy!
2011-03-14 19:41:23 by notdrinkingthekoolaide
okay, so i googled 800notes as suggested above, and "scam" dropped down in search bar. i also googled julia forte and found several comments from both searches, including a lawsuit or two that claim 800notes and julia forte are guilty of slander, which is ironic considering, in the article "yeah right" sites above, she points out that is is punishable by law, yet allows it to happen on her very website!

the problem i see with all of this "he said she said" is the fact that julia is just as guilty of slander herself if she is allowing people, to comment on companies or people without having proof (without a reasonable doubt) or being able to prove the claims that are being made on 800notes. it sounds "honorable" to say, "we refuse to remove posts when they do not violate the TOS and are clearly opinions of the users" until it harms the INNOCENT. opinions are just that... opinions. real quantifiable proof is what matters, not opinions. and if someone is bent by a call one day and decides to slander a company or individual on 800notes, they should have to prove what they are saying is true (not just give an opinion) or the post needs to be removed. it's one thing to say, "i got a call from this number today and you should know to be looking out for it". that would be helpful. it's whole other thing to say, "i got a call and these guys are scammers, they're theives and scam artists", that's slander. it really doesn't matter if 800notes is helping some people if it is harming other innocent bystandards in the process!

if i or my company was slandered on 800notes, and nothing was done about it, i would want to sue julia forte too. i can fully understand why some people have tried. the fact that they are trying to sue you should show that they are willing to defend themselves against the claims made about them. if you can prove otherwise, that's great! if not, then shame on you for allowing slander on your site. and if you stop to think about it and not just argue for the sake of arguing, you'd have to admit that if the posts on 800notes don't have some type of standard they must meet to be approved, they shouldn't be posted. if you disagree, i think you might change your mind if the shoe were on the other foot and claims were being made about you that were untrue. especially if it hindered your ability to do your business and provide for your family.

julia should do the right thing and take down posts that are slanderous. both past and present. let her site function in the capacity it was originally designed to, help people be on the lookout for telemarketers. it works when kept simple and pure. no need to allow a person to go off on someone they don't know. she might even consider taking it a step further and publically apologize for allowing anyone to say anything they want about others on her site, without being held accountable. she doesn't like it when it happens to her, as i can see by the response she wrote to Ms. Lablanc. and, unless they can be proven guilty without a reasonable doubt, maybe her friend should apologize as well for mocking the companies that seem to be just simply seeking justice for being slandered on it's the right thing to do.
2011-03-17 12:06:05 by FreeNet
Opinions are one of the few liberties we have left in this country, and trying to suppress other people's opinions on a FREE SPEECH opinion forum is outright low. So what if someone didn't like your service? You are human and there are going to be people out there that you can't please, EVER. Don't shoot the messenger. Even if this website were to get shutdown, there are 20 more that will take it's place. BTW, check out RIPOFFREPORT or your local CRAIGSLIST forums. I can't believe that if people have such HORRIBLE things to say about you that they are ONLY saying it on this website. Maybe a further google search on yourself will prove things are worse than you thought, and that 800notes was merely a FORUM for OPINION. Free Speech will prevail in the United States and on the internet.
2011-04-03 11:17:17 by AtYeahRight
Yeah right, you are so incredibly ignorant. There have been multiple complaints from different parties online about Julia Forte far before she posted that lie about being blackmailed. It is so obvious that she posted that to try to cover up her scam. Notice how Julia will post that she is being blackmailed on her own website but will never go head to head on the actual complaint sites with the complainer. That is because on her own site she can delete any comments that further prove her guilt where she is not able to do so on the actual complaint sites. If she posted rebuttals on sites like this the complainer would make her scam even more obvious so that is why she is too cowardly to defend herself anywhere but her own site. Think about it. If someone was going to slander Julia falsely why would they actually tell her that? That would just set that person up to get sued. Julia Forte from North Carolina has been a scammer her entire life and her post about being blackmailed is her own pathetic attempt to protect her name.
2011-05-04 13:04:25 by SkepticalReader
Mr. French,

It is more likely that your company name and number have been used illegally to perpetrate a scam. Number spoofing is easy to do. They use the name of a legitimate company to scam their victims. Unfortunately, you get hit with complaints. You say you aren't doing these things and the information posted about you isn't true. Well, somebody is doing them, pretending to be you or your company.

The best thing to do is contact local law enforcement and tell them about the scams being perpetrated in your name. It's a form of identity theft.
2011-05-06 12:09:58 by questioner
If I or my business's phone number were listed on that website, I would simply post on that thread that I am a legitimate business, the post is obviously work by a disgruntled employee or customer, and that I am here to defend my name and business. If I was someone looking at that website (as I have many times), and found a phone number with only 1 or 2 responses, I wouldn't find that credible either - that is, if only one or two people are affected by that number, then I will ignore whatever they wrote.. When I see a phone number that has 10 pages of complaints, all I can say is that I am thankful that people (in that great of a number) have a place to go to warn others about a scam or telemarketer or an abusive collection agency.
2013-08-15 01:52:54 by Merna
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2013-08-27 02:28:12 by Edith
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