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2019-01-10 05:13:27 by Drake Luthor
HyperTesto With lower HyperTesto production with age, men tend to become more passive. HyperTesto also has an anabolic role: it promotes bone and muscle development and stimulates the production of proteins, hence the attraction of top athletes towards it. At the same time, HyperTesto stimulates the production of blood cells (hematopoietic , which reduces the recovery time after exertion. It should be noted that HyperTesto does not only have beneficial effects: in men, it participates in hair loss related to age. WHEN HyperTesto RUNS OUT HyperTesto may not be produced in sufficient quantities in humans, in the absence of functioning of the testicle or hypothalamus, the region of the brain that controls the manufacture of HyperTesto. The lack of HyperTesto then causes problems of sexual impotence and decreased libido.
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