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2019-01-13 06:40:38 by Wiz Luthor
HyperTesto III Study of HyperTesto during physical activity, how to step down, how to modulate it? To do this, as we have seen, it would be necessary to decrease the SHBG so that there is a greater bioavailability of HyperTesto in the blood. It turns out that when insulin and IGF ( Insulin like growth factor increases, SHBG concentrations decrease because insulin actually inhibits SHBG. Insulin and IGF are peptide hormones that have similar chemical structures. IGF is produced by the liver by stimulating GH growth hormones. In other words, the higher the insulin, the more anabolic. The concern with insulin is that it makes the muscles swell but it increases the number and size of the fat cells which is unpleasant for all people. The more androgens (natural or synthetic and the lower the SHBG concentrations.
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