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2019-05-15 16:09:56 by melba garcia
Keto 6tm It is important to remember that ready-made diets or formulas for calculating daily calories are already taking into account the entire TEE (BMR + TEA + TEF + NEAT). And the re-addition of TEA (Thermo genesis Exercise Associated) will not benefit, but simply destroy the possible progress of losing weight. Simply put, formulas take calories into exercise, and nutritionists do the same. Therefore, when you re-add calories from your training activity to your normal calorie intake, all progress can drop to zero. If you take not a standard formula or its other analogues as a report point, but use only BMR without taking into account TEA, TEF, NEAT, then adding calories per workout (TEA) is justified. However, food thermo genesis (TEF) and normal physical activity (NEAT) must be added to this. That is, the weight loss equation in this case consists of many variables. It is much easier to take a ready-made formula or use the services of a nutritionist, or, through practice, calculate your exact calorie rate and the required deficit. The principle of accurate counting and sticking of calories burned is the basis of a non-linear diet, when the amount of food calories varies depending on the day. However, the essence is the same - weekly / monthly deficit. Non-linear diets have a number of pros and cons. The latter can be attributed to the banal boring process and meticulous consideration of small factors. Beginners do not need to hammer head non-linear diets. They are relevant at an advanced level, when losing weight has already made progress and is trying to break through the body's natural fat defense. Slimming: cardio or power loads every day, thousands of people are looking for ways to lose weight quickly and easily. It is no secret that training plays a very important role in weight loss and in its subsequent retention. On this basis, disputes about which type of training is most effective for weight loss do not abate: cardio or strength training? First of all, you need to figure out why we need training. It used to be that they burn fat.
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