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2019-11-09 10:36:30 by Mary cassady
Super fast keto boost When we eat a portion of food more than enough to supply our body's energy needs, the surplus, which will not be needed at the moment, is stored in the form of energy stores.
And it is our own body that induces us to have that extra amount of energy as a way to protect us so that we do not lack enough energy in the body to carry out its activities.
The places where the fat is usually deposited, especially for women, are the abdomen, the flanks (which are on the side of the abdomen) and the breeches. Generally, when the deposits of these regions grow, fat is stored in areas such as the back and arms. The body needs a calorie balance. That is, if on average he receives a quantity of calories from food similar to the amount of calories he spends to do vital activities and movements from day to day, the person does not gain weight or lose weight.
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