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loans4you and flm loans - i was told my loan had been accepted and asked to pay a admin fee. which was all lies!!!

2011-01-19 11:27:39 by victoria
i contacted Loans 4 you aka yes loans uk for a loan and was told i had been accepted. They told me the interest rate i would pay back, everything. great i thought and then asked for a admin fee of £40. which i didnt hesitate to pay as i was told i would recieve my loan within 3days. It has now been 3 weeks and i have been fobbed off time and time again! I keep being told my application has been accepted by one company to be told, that i must contact another company and so on. I have had nothing but horrible messages from flm loans (8-9 txts a day) telling me time is running out and they need my guarantors details. i rang loans 4 you again and told them about flm and was told that they had not gave them my details, my loan was now with another company called exspress finance which, surprise surprise... I cant get through to. I have since complained to Loans 4 you to be told that they do not do refunds and that they will look into the matter. What do i do now? Im £40 quid down and i dont get 5mins peace from my mobile phone :o( Is there any way i can my money back?
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2011-07-13 14:46:16 by Paul Blakemore
LOANS 4 YOU......what robbing little b******s if anyone finds a address out for these scum bags please forward it to and i will very happily sort out these low lifes. They have scammed me also and at this momment in time i will kill the litttle muslim c***s but i will feed them bacon first. Flicking arsholes have got away with it yet again...why has trading standards not closed them down simple they dont care and they cant thats why they getting away with continiuing to rob people. Seriously anyone knows a address for these arseholes especially a private home address i will be VERY VERY
2011-08-06 17:27:24 by j
l applied for a loan and was contacted by someone called Daniel ( probably a moody name). at a company called ENHANCED FINANCIAL SERVICES or ENHANCED FS, they appear to have a couple of names. He took all my details and said i'd been accepted by FLM. l had to pay there and then over the phone £69. l was also told i would receive a package in the post which i never received.
l tried contacting ENHANCED FS with the number this Daniel gave me and surprise surprise i couldnt get through. That number is 01625505447. lf you call 01625505980 then you will get through to the people who tell you have your loan. Talking to these people about the loan they knew you wouldnt get is very frustrating as they have no interest in helping you. l have managed to receive a cancellation form from ENHANCED FINANCIAL SERVICES for a refund of my payment of £69. l am posting it to them on the 8/8/2011 and will update in 30 days.
2014-02-26 16:34:48 by kaz smith
I know the feeling loans 4 you got my husband years ago now iv been had by a company called uks best loans out of 100 they said it was my first instalment and now they want 275 which they are saying is tax on my loan and they will refund it also I paid by cardsafe through a shop so I assumed id be ok and to top it off a company called the 1 loan has took 50 out of my bank without my consent am fuming and all go down every route to get what am owed
2017-05-12 06:32:07 by RonaldHit
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2017-05-16 04:40:51 by Lark
You've got it in one. Coudln't have put it better.
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