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Abhishek Grover ICC Canada Immigration - Immigration Fraud Canada by Abhishek Grover ICC Canada Immigration

2016-04-03 23:23:04 by Mehdi Rattan
Fraud Alert: Cheating and Fraud by ICCRC Consultant Abhishek Grover of ICC (Canada Immigration Solutions Inc) Address 137, Derry Road East Missisauga,ON L5T 1P3. ICC Canada Immigration is operating fraud under the nose of the Canadian Immigration Law. I live in Mississauga on a work permit and was seeking help with my immigration. Met with so called ICC immigration consultant "Abhishek Grover" (Con and Scam Artist) from ICC took $5350 from me for preparing my file. Abhishek Grover told me that he will prepare the file and he has internal connection with immigration law officer to fast pace my immigration process. Being a novice in this, I believed and paid him the money. Even after requesting twice for the invice, he never responded and asked me to contact him after 30 days to see the progress of my case. 30 days past the payment to Abhishek, I called him and no officer from ICC Canada Immigration was able to transfer my call to him. The receptionist said that he went to India and is busy with other important clients. My work permit was about to expire in 24 days and this scammer took all my money and was no where to be found. Never gave me the invoice, and later when I called to check, all my account and important immigration information was locked under his name so that I was not even able to do anything with my case. After number request and calling 5 times a day, They transferred me to someone in India and the guy (sounded like Abhishek Grover, who changed his name on phone to talk to me) said that there is no way I can access my files on CIC website and that ICC controls my case and asked me a ransom of $15,000 to release my account to me. I was helpless and then had to finally contact CIC directly. CIC transferred my account to me in 5 mins and asked me to fill a complaint against the scammer Abhishek Grover. Guys!!!! Please be aware of this company and especially Abhishek Grover from Mississauga. If he is in Canada, he should be behind the bars for ripping off people. He told me that he does money laundry between India and Canada and has connections with Indian Politicians. I recently saw many other articles with same guys name. Please read these articles as well before you get into his trap: Do not fall for there reviews on Google and Facebook. These guys buy fake reviews and likes. I am attaching this scammers facebook profile for all of you to see:
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